Monday, June 13, 2011

busy as a bee

i have been absent for a bit. not intentionally, just through being a nut.
 i have been uber-busy. 
too many things have been on my plate of late and letting you know about them,
 has been the last part that i could manage well. 

1. a giveaway... of a bracelet. 
2. my son's graduation from high school.
3. a show for my jewelry wares.
4. managing my etsy stores. 
5. guests at my home for springtime jewelry needs. 
6. end of school year activities for my little queen. 
7. the big girl has a job and needs a ride. 
8. food shopping for the locusts. 
9. shipping for very, very patient customers. 
10. basic inventory updates for one of my favorite stores.

needless to say, this is the tip of the iceberg. and it has been a little overwhelming. 
i would LOVE to report that all has been easy and even keeled. with me in the center of all of it, i merely can say i have  been challenged. organizationally, emotionally, celebrating, creatively, and many other ways. 
here is a small update ... i think if i can stick with it, there will be better available info in smaller bites. or do i mean bytes?

at the top of the list, i would love to let you all know how much i loved providing a giveaway. i felt like santa claus. the weird, non-christian, female version. 
the winner was selected using a random number generator. i got it from googling "random number generator". completely fun to do. so i had my 14 year old daughter select my winner for me. it was beth hillig falk. 
talk about someone who is so completely deserving. she has her own life going on as many of us do, but meets different challenges daily than i could ever wrap my head around. 
very recently, she had MAJOR surgery. i know she has a blog, but for the life of me, i don't remember its address. perhaps she will leave the name of her blog for me to list here in a bit? anyways, she deserved a pick me up. and it was kismet that she had the selected number. 

then since i was having such fun, i picked another random lady to snag a flower chain  bracelet. this lucky lady is known to me as beanzie cat. her real name is lisa and she is a mighty cheerful  maker of delightful charm bracelets. she chose this piece to have and hold for her own. 

i plan to do another giveaway in july. 
maybe there will be some fresh design that will strike the fancy of you readers and other facebook visitors. 
a girl can hope, right?

the boy graduates from high school!!!
i am kvelling. 
i really just can't believe it!!
and yes, this text is in the school color of purple. 

a random sampling of graham and some of his entourage. 
the sisters are in the first two pics, no one ever seems to get when to face the camera. 
this explains the crummy unfocused direction of my kids. 
anyways, graham was hugely happy, but more hungry than sentimental. 
this is why we neglected to take any pics of the happy family ensemble. 
also i had a show the next day and 
was a little more than psycho about expectations and the weather. 

Festival Fete in Garden City
loads of rain. 
in fact more than i was remotely prepared for.
 i was utterly freaked out about it. 
good thing it was NOT cancelled. 
i had a blast. 
it was profitable. 
i met the show organizers. 
the show was packed in spite of the pouring rain. 
i enjoyed meeting a whole new group of folks. 
no shock.
 i am not someone who likes participating in shows. 
mostly because they are speculative in nature. 
the weather always affects the outcome. 
and i hate the idea that i will fall flat on my face. 
well i did do that. i tripped over a curb. 
what a spaz i am. 
my knee is scraped up and scabby a day later. i will naturally, survive. 
i sat on the ground while my daughter walked right by me. 
my husband knew i was not right. and was sensibly attentive to my weirdness or would i be wrong to say, dramatic expressions. 
it was drippy and it really hurt. i hate falling so much,  that i gave up skating in all forms.  the potential exists in a more pronounced fashion to slip on the ice. 
general notes...gravity works and 
the ground is generally pretty damn hard. 
these two things make it harder for me to suck it up and be ok about activities that feature rolling or gliding around .
 i am a full-on weenie.
totally pathetic, and i know it. 


 not only did i send the wrong package to one lady,
 but i sold a necklace  that had a beautiful shell in its front.
 this of course cracked in half when i went to mail it. 
so i needed to make a completely new necklace to replace the one that
 crack'd from side to side. 

with the flowers that were sent to the wrong address, i shocked it did not happen earlier. 
i had two customers start to purchase flowers the same week. they had similar names and initials. their buyer names were enough alike that i did not distinguish between them well enough. so i always have to pay extra attention to them. 
i neglected to catch the error in time. now one of them will be forwarding some flowers to the other one and i will send the first lady a set of flowers to compensate her for my errors. 
she will be forwarding them along. 
i have the nicest customers. 

the second woman is a lady. she did not lose her temper with me as she easily could have. 
the end result is that i got her things sent out to her with a spare pair of earrings to hopefully sweeten the issues i created. 
my fingers are crossed on behalf of both(all three) of these fantastic ladies. 

i do not deserve your kindnesses. but i will take them open handed. 
and greedily. 

right now, i am taking advantage of my post show exhaustion and narcolepsy. 
i will try to follow up with more news from the list. 
right now, i fear it is bed time for me. i seem to be rather tired... 
who saw that coming???

nighty night world. 


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