Sunday, June 19, 2011

chicken little

the sky is falling, the sky is falling. 
one might think that was for real and everything. well not as much as i whinge on about. 
the sky was absolutely point perfect today.
 sunny, cool enough, near trees, under my little show tent and surrounded by talented pleasant artists of really clever personal constructs.
yes, it is true, there was another show i was participating in today. 
one would think i was dying by all the hand wringing and moaning i do.
 well, i was ready to bail last night around 10pm. the worry i had was regarding the predicted rain and thunderstorms. the last place i would ever want to be
 is under a metal framed outdoors tent. 

like i said, the weather could not have been more perfect. 
AND  i felt happy and cheerful almost all the day.
 i only had one particular spaz moment dropping a six foot table sort of onto my knee as i tried to load it solo into the truck bed to transpo homeward. 
it was of course the greatly scabby knee that i fell on last week.
(i am considering a bullseye tattoo on my right knee soon)

 AND truly, what is my problem with the sky falling i ask?
 i know... a purely rhetorical issue.
 i have been in the rain plenty of times in my life. i have never wilted or melted from being wet. at worst i have perhaps been a little damp and uncomfortable, 
but nothing has been life threatening. 

AND i would like to report that last weekend, the show i participated in,
 was so much fun and in sporadic gusty rains... under my tent.
 the tent kept me quite comfy and dry. 
so again, do i really need to run in circles fretting about the sky falling?
need to adjust attitude. 
anyways, here are some of the lovely ladies that made my day pass rather quickly. 
i never before felt any need to play dress-up. 
now it is just too much fun to pass up. 
here are a few of my willing photographic models. 
or do i mean victims? 
all were adorable and pleasant. 
i felt like i was nearly trilling even through my genuine fatigue. 

who cares, i signed up to do another show next week. i should be fine... if the rains do not come along. you know ... the sky falling?

here are some of today's highlights. 

some of my newly minted flower+chain bracelets+
some of my favorite bolder necklaces

can you tell how much time i have spent recently with white paint on hand? 
on clothes and sidewalks and drop-cloths too?

a very delightful young lady and her equally delightful mother
the younger lady is in her brand new vintage styled flower and chain necklace. 
i thought it suited her just perfectly.

Now it is mama's turn to turn the shine on!

in the land of "ifs"...
If i was taller, single and a  most importantly... a GUY,
 i would  surely have been following both this gorgeous Swedish export and
her equally lovely friend around all day. 
 her charming accent, its elegant cadence, and  seemingly impossible
 ability to wear anything with ease would surely attract anyone's attention.
(sure hope that doesn't sound creepy, they just looked really nice in my jewels) 

the friend,E, holds her own in my "Cotswold Garden" necklace. 

here is "S" again in my "Scottish Plaid" necklace. 
do not question the reasons for the names assigned to the pieces. i drink a lot of diet coke. 
there may be a few side effects unpublished. 

finally "E" again. she is modeling  "Miss Luella" for me and putting my 
efforts to do the same of this necklace to utter shame. 
ladies and supportive gents, this is how the piece should look. 
not the way it does on me. 

in between customers, my curiousity about tattoos was piqued. i chatted with a fellow who was waiting for his girl who was looking around.  i was really curious about his tatts. he had identical half inch wide stripes starting at both inner wrists, going up both arms and ending in some kind of swirly pattern at the top of his pecs. he was wearing a tee shirt at the time and indicated the ends with his pointer fingers. 
i did not doubt or ask for visuals... 
it was so interesting to get some answers on inking. 
everyone has a story... and i like to know... since i am unlikely to try it out. 
remember, i am the uber weenie
I did natural childbirth sans drugs for 2/3 pregnancies.
and i experience psychic pain daily from these 3 very powerful teenaged beasties.  

anyways, this gorgeous gal rocked the same necklace that had been test driven by others the same day. 
her concern was that she might over shadow the bride at her wedding that night. 
with or without my necklace, i think she was so striking any bride would have to be a tad concerned. 
power to the pictorial tatts, the groovy hair and the killer smile. 

as ironically as i could express things, i spent a significant amount of time making post earrings over the past couple of weeks. needless to say, i lost and never found my earring backs. i went back to my source to buy some more and then proceeded to lose those at home too. 
anyways... i made them and that counts! 
i shall rectify this earring back agenda again tomorrow. 

my now 19 1/2 year old daughter was helping out during the day. 
she must have had some pressures get to her... as i found her on the ground looking for 4 leaf clover. 
this was her favorite activity throughout 3rd and 4th grade. 
she sees things differently than most people do... and it is a really great thing most of the time. i am happy that she was able to comfort herself in her clover hunt as well as in a reversion to simpler personal times. 

thanks for looking in...
aka chicken little. 

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