Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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i posted a lot of stuff the other day... in the form of a list of ten items. it was chock-full of things that have kept me from "sharing". life feels full to the max. and yet, how can it be even more jam packed than ever? well it is. it just is. i feel as if there is a sorting mechanism in play weeding through all the little things that compose a full life and making them somewhat orderly. in reality, it feels something like i am a witless contestant participating in a game show. 

to get from one activity to the next, it seems that a huge "PLINKO" board is set up close by. Plinko is a game of chance that has been featured on the "Price is Right" for years. 
 perhaps bob barker is irked with my take on this, one cannot know.
 (nor should anyone be hung up by it).
the game is played by a contestant, standing up above the gameboard. this is constructed by a pair of sheets of plexiglass(???) and one of which is a backing material held in place by evenly spaced rods throughout the board. the space open between the two flat sheets is open at the top. a contestent  drops some round disks between the separating rods. this  allows  them to bounce downward, as a pinball might; hitting the rods in an erratic path downwards. the prize denotations at the bottom tray of the game are marked with prizes. . there often is a car to be won  and it is shown in sections.you can win a front end, a mid-section and finally the trunk end. if you get all three pieces , you win a car. there are also bountiful as well as  more meagre monetary rewards to be won in this manner. 
all derived by the makers of the plinko game tenders and sponsers. 

well i often experience my day to day travels as something like my life is expressed as on one of those disks floating and bouncing around in between the pins to any indirectly concocted outcome. never is one made directly as a straight line. i surely would like a car that works all the time or a stash of cash. instead, i feel bounced and jostled just getting from one point to the next. upon which i get to start all over with the next decidedly random disk whose outcome is  based upon controlled randomness and the  stability of
the physical force , gravity 
so you can see how i feel a little bit out of control in my own life in spite of the very carefully designed regular pins set between two sheets and finite outcomes for the game? the result is always the same, i start at the beginning and end at the bottom of the board. 
thank you all over again lady luck!

this all having been said, the disks are constantly being dropped. 
and i am always trying to cope with the outcome. 

here is the "busy as a bee" list  from the other day... repeated and updated as i have missed some mighty important list items. and i would like to think that i did not add any items that should not have been on it the first time through. 

"the list"
1. a giveaway... of a bracelet. CHECK. done
 2. my son's graduation from high school.CHECK. done
3. a show for my jewelry wares.CHECK. done
4. managing my etsy stores. done badly in dribs and drabs
5. guests at my home for springtime jewelry needs.CHECK. done
6. end of school year activities for my little queen. graduation imminent. need pretty dress. 
7. the big girl has a job and needs a ride. CHECK. done for today
8. food shopping for the locusts. third time this week...CHECK. done
9. shipping for very, very patient customers. CHECK. done
10. basic inventory updates for one of my favorite stores. almost there...CHECK. done
now i need to add a few things. 
11. tax form needs to be turned in. the show organizers have my driver's license. i fell on my knee and left without taking care of this essential piece of business. CHECK. done
12. steel myself for the inevitable stories from my queen and her nemesis 
"Isabella".  CHECK. done
13. the boston bruins are killing me in this stanley cup playoff series.CHECK. done
(this is a hockey family...and yes, i am a hockey mom....do not go there. i implore you.)
14. need to make more things for next weekend's show. CHECK. done
15. son and father and small queen will be going to college orientation soon. CHECK. done
i shall be in charge of book smart, common sense challenged daughter. CHECK. done(painful too)
15. meals ongoing challenges CHECK. done
16. now filthy bathroom. CLEANED... CHECK. done
17. cleaning of shedding from non-shedding pet. hair is worse than ever all over house. mostly in my work area.
18. refilling of postcards and posters for Providence Open Market.CHECK. done
19. make more flowery bracelets, necklaces and earrings for next show. and of course get crazy all over again. CHECK. done
20. serve as pick-up chauffeur.CHECK. done
21. apply to new shows. 
22. in panic mode, surf web and procrastinate. CHECK. done
23. in an ever needed custom of mortifying my son, i trash pick. CHECK. done
last week i got a great upholstered *AND* caned back chair to reupholster. 
i need to paint and refurbish this for my own sanity. i love reupholstering projects.
24. i made some coolio display fixtures for shows... i wanted to share with you. 
they are finally finished....and they worked like a charm. CHECK. done



it is time to brew up. 
maybe tomorrow will have some pretty pics to share... 
and yes, i have a fresh flea market post to compose too. 


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