Friday, June 3, 2011

the giveaway

i am usually too happy for words to spend time on facebook. i know i have other responsibilities, but i tend to linger for a while when my brain goes on a coffee break. 
sometimes i can break away long enough to actually work or shuttle a kid around town. 

two days ago, i posted a giveaway there for a bracelet. 
 i created this style last summer with my older daughter. i wanted her to take some responsibility for an item at my show down in newport. the show itself was fraught with less than positive results($$$ and a disagreement with a fellow vendor. i remain knowing that she was a nutter and as nervous as i was), however i did get to spend the day by the water and develop a bodacious amount of ambient tanning. 

my staffing at the booth

 i used to love to sunbathe, as a teenager, but now i am happy to try to slow down that wrinkly old bat version of me. 
i will also admit that one of the finest scents known to humankind is that from a gelee tube of Bain de Soleil.
 (it was my grandmother's personal seasonal parfum, a very delightful childhood memory).

so the show and sales were slow although nicely attended, but all in all really fun.
 as this year's season is starting up again, i felt like i could give those chain bracelets another go. the college girl is home again, however, she has a "real job" (a cashier at Au Bon Pain!!!). if i face reality, she is a lot looser with her jewelry making skills than i prefer. her drawing characters is peerless, but that is not what this is about. 

currently i am offering a giveaway for a free bracelet on my facebook "fan" page. i mention this rather late in the process here, not to tease but to warn.
 this round is due to end at midnight tonight. 
 i plan to do this again and with different items in my creative larder. i love hearing from all of the folks that check my things out. if i didn't do this, i might not have heard from the oodles of folks whose names crossed my screen. i really love this!!!
it is a legal thrill... so i am enjoying the excitement. 
i plan to let my younger daughter do the selecting if she is awake, or my oldest if she is home from her beach based outing with friends.

i am so super excited!

here are the bracelets i have already made... 
as yet they have not gotten their defining iconic dab of glitter from a cute centered rhinestone embellishment. that is my task tonight. 

so here is the visual for your peepers to focus in on. 

these are the large sized ones

 these are the medium sized ones
and here are the smalls

here are mixed sizes and some made from silver chains

as for other bracelets, i have been sort of dragging my butt making them. 
here is one that is already sold...

 please try to make every effort to ignore my wrinkly ole hand. 
the image is about the bracelet, not my evident collagen failure.

this is what i have been busy doing in between stanley cup tournament games, high school honors ceremony, middle school ceremony, la crosse practices and games, making food, shuttling folks around and celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. 
it is always something around here. 
and i like it this way. 

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