Friday, June 24, 2011

reincarnation and graduation

it has been a hellish week. not that anyone truly has sympathy for my whining, since every one of you have also had a bunch of stuff to contend with. ok, those of you on vacation will be more rested and relaxed, but still... the first day back from that is really hard to contend with. 
so for capital events re-capping:

  1. high school graduation for the boy. setting the tone for general memories forever. no photos taken with son to commemorate our trip together to achieve this MONUMENTAL event. sniff sniff. 
  2. middle school graduation. for our 14 yo daughter. many details of the prep to get her to cross that stage with a faux sheep's skin. arguments. dress purchase/try-ons. sibling teasing. choices. time. more arguments. and yet more discussions and arguments. finally, a winner.
  3. college orientation for son... 5 1/2 hour drive north. now he is making "whitest school ever" jokes. he is the whitest boy we know. typical clothing choices include golfing shorts, t-shirts(white), sperry topsiders(no knockoffs for him... only name brands... good thing he saves until he can pay), oakley sunglasses, haircuts every 14 days(needs to keep it "fresh", spf 70 sun block for playing golf, all he has neglected is an island belt... the kind made of repeating images in ribbons featuring an embroidered outline of martha's vineyard or nantucket. also has expressed interest many times over in acquiring a  tattoo. it is to be an anchor. just what i raised him for. 
  4. show in the rain. 
  5. show in the sunshine
  6. upcoming show in some weather... no longer do i care as much. just do it. 
  7. grocery shopping ever 3-4 days... 3 growth spurts to feed. two up and one sideways.
  8. laundry, toilet cleaning, yelling at kids...(reserve the right to repeat the last one regularly)
  9. making new jewels. selling them before shows. making more. 
  10. purchase of essential earring backs for pretty flowery post earrings; loss of essential earring backs; 3rd purchase of earring backs for tomorrow's show. 
  11. dog walking in rain for time alone from children and many persnickity attitudes from the 932sf house.
  12. conjuring meals out of thin air. celebration of graduation 1, father's day & graduation number 2. 
  13. father's day
  14. clean up from mini tornado like winds. fresh piles of tree limbs from amateur arborists in back yard and front sidewalks. 
  15. losing of mind. not finding mind. replacing mind. losing it again and again. gave up trying to find it. now have a fleet of index cards spread all over house with notes on them. feels like a scavenger hunt. 
  16. found new blogs to adore. most recent is this one and all topics the two authors link to:
  17. had a huuuuge irrational fight with husband. he is stressed out. i am naturally not. 
never thought i would be the gal that was itching to go to do a show to be completely divorced from all this domestic bliss and to hang out with other moms and dads that have all this to run away from too. 

as for other things on my mind, my parents and siblings are worse than ever. 

  1. half sister called for an every 5 year catching up with me style of conversation. topic, my next younger brother. he is not married to the mother of his now 5 yo daughter. he thinks he is a better boyfriend than husband. not having ever married and over 50, i think this is moot. his girlfriend was ready to leave him. he lied about where he went to play a music gig. tennesee vs. virginia? again, totally moot. also we have not spoken to one another in 20 years. NO LIE. so half sis and i chatted until it was completely apparent that my sister  had been doing shots for quite a while while talking  and was a little stupider than ever. just as baker as the rest of the ones that she finds narcissistic through drink. 
  2. sis in law posted fantastic photos of an eightieth birthday party for my dearly beloved stepfather. evidently i did not merit an invitation. now i am trying to do some damage control for the boneheaded moves created. my stepfather thought i blew him off. he has no idea that i was not invited. clever... perhaps someone ought not go into party planning as a career. 
  3. mother has renamed her husband the nickname of her father.... ring ring ring... OEDIPUS, we have a winner. 
in MUCH,MUCH more cheerful news, 

i was able to squeeze in the  making two pretty floral  bracelets. i am very fond of each and will likely try to make some more if i can stop time and just sit long enough  to do so. 

Marguerite IV
this may really be about the sixth i've made, but... who is keeping track?
i think i need to make another. 

a fresh color-way and cute components. 
i feel another series coming on. 
can you tell it is summer yet?
i am getting there slowly.

thanks again for visiting. you know i love when you do. 
and yes, it is a lot less costly than therapy.

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