Thursday, September 15, 2011

lines everywhere

recently, there have been some cross-over commonalities in my life. 
i tend to think of things in seinfeldian moments. 
this has been reported before. 
every time i have gone out this week, 
i have also enjoyed the dazzling suspense of whether there is gas in my car. 

the reason for this is that i am married to a "kramer-esque" character. 
my husband enjoys raising his fist to tilt at an imaginary "big brother" figure
or some whippersnappers that are trying to best him. 
the reason i suggest he has similarities to cosmo kramer, are multiple if listed. 
the one that is predominant{bugging the snot out of me} is that no matter how much gas i put into the car, 
he likes to drive it until it reaches that red line of empty or the heartbeat over where one will run out of gas on rte. 10. 
he drives me literally crazy. 
and since his truck, which is horribly out of date, guzzles gas to a point of financial ruin, 
he prefers to drive my car. 
i fill it, he drives it, then he gets mad if there is no gas available to him. 
the logic that he has is simple and inexplicably contorted. 
if he puts gas into his truck, and if it is used up faster than he thinks it ought to be, then my car should be made available to him at all conveniences and be maintained by me to fit  both of our driving schedules. 
this would be rational if i were driving the truck. 
it is not really a good fit for me, so i don't. 
the fact that the beast-mobile is driven to that fine red line of emptiness and break-down lane roulette... well i am going to be pushed too far some day surely as can be. 

as other events in this mayhem infilled day and life have embraced, the youngest needed to get an asthma test performed today. 
she is so sure that her breathing and lack of well oxygenated lungs is caused by asthma. 
it is completely conceivable that she is out of shape. 
i am sorry i said that. 
but she may well be a little bit behind that eightball. 
running used to be a fluid and fun filled choice for her. 
nowadays, she remembers nothing of her carefree running and is often winded. 
i am the poster child for winded running. 
and i have not run for years, just to reinforce that precisely. 
i also have experienced long painful de-oxygenated spates from this. 
allergies, cold and smoke will surely be the perfect triumvirate to send me wheezing back to the hospital for medications. 
avoiding any two of those stressors simultaneously in play has been a very important strategy for me to employ over many decades now. 
unfortunately, i think the girl is in for some training. 
and she is mighty angry about it. 
the whining and moaning. 
the moaning and the groaning. 
the groaning and the wheezing. 
and the attitude. 
all add up to 
unneeded drama. 
i feel for her, but that is only up to date. 
drinking sodas instead of milk, 
eating chips instead of fruit, 
not regularly exercising will take its toll. 
i know all of this way too well. 
so the girl has been a little out of sorts about it all today. 
she also got a couple of shots today. 
her phobic attitude is wildly running amok. 
needing to keep the impalas on the reservation is very good. 
it is sometimes not possible. 
as usual, i am trying desperately to find that balanced place along the thin red line. 
it eludes me again. 

the boy enjoyed his 18th birthday today. 
he has had a cold and was a napping fool today. 
if my hearing over the a/c and fan is correct, 
i think he told me that he cut a classmate's hair. 
i miss him and wish he was nearer, but accept that he is further.
 i am trying to accept whatever faux-hawk do graham is sporting. 
i am hoping that he gets a more conservative packaging
really soon. 
if he doesn't, i fear that my ire will also trip over that red line and into the misfortunes of 
begging him to get a more conservative hairdo. 

ok, falling asleep at the wheel now. 
time to crash and burn.... 
very tired now. 
see you all out there straddling that red line yourselves. i hope that you find some peace along on a comfortable side of the line. 


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