Thursday, September 8, 2011

now where was i?

seriously, where was i this week? 
if my head were to be cracked open like a coconut, inside you may find swiss cheese
or lots of teflon coated surfaces. 
i remember absolutely nothing these days. 
i would like to attribute it to a lack of sleep or general distractability. 
however it really could be simple overload of my circuits. 

firstly and happily, 
my son was brought to college for the first time. 
our car was emptied by a very efficient team of students.
we opened the car doors and trunk,  they took all of his things to his room. 
he unpacked and made his bed within the amount of time
 that it took my husband to park the car and walk back to the dorm.
when we all were together finally in his room with his roommate,  graham christened the move in with a shower.
my husband wanted to walk to the hockey rink.
graham and his roomie had other plans.
he and the roomie decided to go to dinner so they could make it back in time to attend a floor meeting in the dorm. 
we found ourselves summarily dismissed.
what? no i love you's and we will have breakfast together in the morning?
needless to say, we were trying to be so cool,
 our mouths just flapped in the wind. 
we left and had dinner
shopped at target and went to sleep in our motel room. 
 i have already divulged all that there was to divulge about this huge personal event in my life, in its own posting. 

so i shall move along to delivering halley to her college dorm. 
her dorm situation was very long in coming into focus for her sophomore year. 
no one could tell us where she was supposed to go for her living quarters. 
she was finally told that she would have an apartment in the middle of campus somewhere. 
she was highly thrilled. 
we were highly suspicious.
she had significantly more stuff to bring to school than graham.
it filled our car much more than its first trip to
the freshman dorm.
so hal and i rode the train up and had lunch while chris and tess drove to meet us.
we found her address, which was closer to the main part of campus by about a block.
 her view last year overlooked the fenway in boston. 
this year, she and her roomie are sharing a sweet little apartment.
the set-up was such that there were two rooms.
 one was a sitting and tv space.
the other was a bunked-bed haven to crash in. 
for once in my life,
i had a really terrific idea that everyone agreed upon pretty much immediately. 
how about both girls having their own room?
privacy and all.
sounded especially idyllic after halley had shared a bunk-bedded room
with her 14 year old sister all summer.
(no one was at all happy about that...) 
so the girls were both were treated to some moving in help
 from the lovely young men at the front steps of the apt. building
(the college crew team)
 and the very capable, union members of a moving company also at the entryway waiting to help move folks in. 
our girls were surrounded with their belongings,
almost as quickly as graham and his roommate had been.
they did have more stuff to be fair, so it was a little more of a flurry of activity.

it was never this easy when i moved into college or out of it. 
i had sooo much more crap to contend with. 
those pesky textbooks and papers and raw materials to create my educated self with took up space. and time to pack in cardboard boxes. none of those wonderful plastic tubs in a myriad of shapes and matching snug tops.
also, we had :
no computer. 
no kindle. 
no ipod. 
no flat screen tv. 
we had a small black and white tv. 13" cubed?
a stereo for our music.
and our music was on LP's. these collections also took up space. 
books everywhere. 
and bookcases.
our computer services were created by aquiring one of
 6 dedicated lines on campus. these we also shared with Dartmouth College.
these were dial up facilities to get the computer to work.
there was no mouse, or tracker pad involved.
we wrote the damn text for what we needed to do.  
our lingua franca was so antiquated. 
to make  a matrix of squares and fill it in like a rudimentary spread sheet,
 would take me hours. and more like days to finish. 
needless to say,
 the machines i use now are such a gift from heaven in comparison. 
heaven i tell ya!

here is my daughter and her well missed friend/roommate.

so after we got the girls as set up as was warranted, 
all of us went to eat in one of the dining halls.
this included my husband, tess(the little sister), the roomie, her parents and me.
as for the dining halls... 
these are not the little throwback to gracious eating
with sit-down waitressed meals of my college days. 
young ladies were paid for work study as dorm waitresses 
during my collegiate years. 

now the eateries have food stations. 
someone makes your salad for you instead of leaving you to think through the salad ingredients below a sneeze guard. 
there was a spicy gravy with mushrooms and peas to go with my wild rice mix and the curried pork i selected to have. 
tess was not interested in anything we had,  she must have been off of her game that night. 
hal enjoyed a plate of sushi before she and her roomie skipped off to go to a dorm meeting. 

the girls have the end apartment with windows.
 big windows with soft breezes blowing in from over the parking lot below.
really sweet, in spite of their tarmac view below. 
still a pretty sweet place to live. 
they have the now two bedroom scenario,
 an eating spot by the front door,
 a bathroom for the pair of them to split, as well as a cute little kitchen. 
in the kitchen there is a brand new fridge, a half oven
(large enough to bake 2 trays of cookies on or a chicken dinner) 
a dishwasher. 
they brought a microwave too. 
i swear, this is a really great set-up if there ever was one.
we left our daughter to circulate with friends and finish moving in the next day.
her roomie's parents took the girls to target the next day. 
i am planning to return on friday,when neither of them have classes, to take them to IKEA. 
so far, most of the stuff in the apartment 
it is so nice and clean and new.
 i have no idea how much fun they will have there, but fun they will have. 

hal's room in progress
tessie trying it all on for size and mugging like a crazy person. 

and the other room... 
chosen by a toss of a coin. 

their kitchen

and basically, you seen one uninspired bathroom, you seen a lot of them. 
this does not have a pictoral history. and i am sure not to 
have you dying of curiosity over it. 

so this is all that i can stay awake to share with you about. 
while the skies are dropping rain 
and i am struggling to stay awake for a few more moments so that ....
i can bid you all a pleasant good night. 

xoxox. W.

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