Monday, September 19, 2011

not enough time to do it all...

there is enough time to whine on about not having enough time. 
i spent the morning making some bracelets. 
i may 'borrow' one to wear out to the grocery market. 
i just am not in the mood for big bling... but a modestly sized piece can do the trick. 
the bracelets are for a couple of orders that i must push out of the door...
i can't truly believe that they are precursive strikes in preparation for christmas and other sparkling holiday times. 
(thanksgiving, channukah, kwanzaa, new year's eve, new year's day brunch and more.)

i have been unable to move on all of the commitments i have amassed over the recent weeks.
in spite of you seeing properly spelled things, i think one of my commitments might be that i am in dire need of re-learning how to spell. 
the auto correct feature on this blog saves my bacon more often than not. 

here are a few of the jewel toned bracelets that a customer ordered for their store. 
i am hopeful that after i cruise in from my knitting class tonight, 
perhaps i will be able to compose a few others in more green, blue, black and neutral palettes. 
one can hope right?

a small bouquet in progress. 

little blossoms in chains. 
sounds kind of racy right?

a quick pic to show how i wear the chain blossom bracelet. 
left handed and easy to put on. 
like a watch.

just in case you thought the wrinkled old bat hand was real,
 i photoshopped the crinkly texture in for you all. 
wink, wink.

there is so much more to tell you all about. 
i broke free from my maddening jewelry obsessed craze 
to go to the flea market yesterday. 
i got some great finds and will take some pics tomorrow for a flea only posting. 
just not enough time to take pics and ramble on senselessly as i do. 

also i am itching for an apple pie. 
that too is coming this week. 
just need to eat better 'junk' food.
and building a better apple pie is one of my gifts. 

my mother used to wait for me to come home for thanksgiving and other holidays. 
she would entertain the notion that i liked making her pies and i had no other dreams of being in town to meet up with my high school friends. 
just to curry favor, i would make the pies in a dash to get out to hang with my friends.
my pies were tolerable. 
not good. 
surely not great. 
however, i think she liked the idea that her pies were better made. 
or else i bet she was just sick of cooking for the big hoedowns and wanted someone else to do that last big dessert course. 
i loved eating them, but of course, 
also hadn't adequate perspective on what a good pie might taste like in those days. 

now i do. 
i took it as a gauntlet being tossed down in front of me. 
i wanted to learn to make a pie that would humble all of those around me. 
i also wanted something so pretty, that my stinker little brother would not jam his 
stubby 17 year old finger into to taste and mar irreparably. 
i do not come from a family that always has appreciated my culinary experiences and 
they now do. 
and i am planning to send my niece a ten dollar bill to do a favor for me this thanksgiving. 
i am going to beg her to stick her finger into her father's pie center. 
tell him how much i love him in spite of his being a horrible younger brother. 
maybe she will, maybe she won't. 
maybe ten bucks is not all that these days. 

anyways, i want a crusty, flaky crusted apple pie filled to the vents with 
mixed apple species. 
brown sugar, 
and more butter than is in the all butter crust. 
take that 
younger baker family members!
take that 
take that 
take that 
husband who can eat no butter,
 but shall savor a small portion.
take that 
children of mine who are at college.
(and not calling home to say they miss me and miss all that i have fed them over the years!)
take that 
tessie who is working on her sixpack. 

and now for a few pics of ladies from the penultimate 2011 
providence open market:

phyllis and lynn

kim in greengage and damson

kim in cotswold garden II

kim sparkling in twinkle.

lynn test driving the southwest bib. 

that's all folks... 
perhaps i will entreat you to some visuals from knitting class tonight. 
i was told it is a beginner's knitting class, 
however the students are NOT
fresh to the course. 
my syllabus was thrown completely out the window last week. 
and now i find myself in scramble mode. 
i  do not believe that you ever were an intermediate course of study. 
of course, i will be humbled tonight once again. 
this is worth about $50 to get my ego trounced for a second time. 
guess i will have to suck it up and 
teach tips on how to increase and decrease nicely. 
dammit entrelac!!!

like i said, not really enough time to do anything well today, 
except whine. 

a domani...

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