Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what's going on?

i wish i could say something really interesting is happening. 
to me, it is really important, as it backs up my current mantra:
two kids in college. 
i am ridiculously busy making jewelry. 
between yesterday and today, i made a whole lot of stuff.

this has been the result of a 4 day job i spent scrambling for all i am worth.
after playing telephone tag for about three weeks, i got in touch with a new resource. 
i am now the proud owner of a ridiculously charming and cheerful 
art representative. 
he is david riordan.
i was on the edge about getting him to help me and my business to take a new step.
as fate would have it, i was again proven to have my head up my bottom.
david is the bomb. 
 his wife jennifer is the other half of a few driving businesses too. 
together, jennifer and david
have created a group of shows under the umbrella of 
the shows are ridiculously well attended. 
enormously organized 
and dare i say, as the reigning champion of growling curmudgeons everywhere,
 fun for even the vendors.
together between them, they ran OOP! in providence for about twenty years.
they are really wonderful to know, professionally and personally.
this is a really great thing. 

so before i go further asunder in my fatigue, 
i would love to tell you that david took a bunch of my things
(AKA:  a brief collection of my jewelry line)
the new york international gift show.
he was able to slap me into shape by talking me through a few ideas.
and as hard as it is for me to stay focused and follow those limitations,
he had a few pieces of several of my inventory in a few color-ways as samples.
he came home with orders to be filled.

as reported, my life has been ridiculously busy lately.
(start of ice hockey, start of high school, start of college for thing 1 and his older sister, field hockey, algebra 2.... and puhlenty more)
after so many distractions that fall under the heading of mother...
i finally had a chunk of time yesterday and today to produce 
tomorrow i finish the tour with creating a bunch of bracelets too. 

i love this work.
lots of rings on my fingers...
 brooches  for chicagoans
more rings for an upcoming ladies luncheon 
some of my favorite brooches to date, with a smattering of more rings,
and mixed sizes of both... what else of course? 
big full figured brooches 
did i mention that there were more brooches? 
i spent time last week getting my signature flowers ready to be played with. 
they were washed and dried and colorized to prepare for this push towards making 
some pretty flowery  jewelry.
now that a lot of what happened is nearly completed, 
i am ready to fully finish a few orders. 
W A H O O !!!
keeping this inventory fresh and up to date is a personal challenge.
 i need a lot of variety to make a simple stacked and layered pin. 
but there is no reason not so delve more deeply into  info ...
as you must by now assume how much i love playing in my metal garden.

i am unnaturally tired, so i will wait to send my lovely boy, my happy birthday wishes for his 

SINCE you have all been very well mannered and polite, 
i will share some photos with you when daylight returns and i can take some.
thank you all again. . 

g'nights folks.