Monday, September 26, 2011

so who is my bitch now?

hello, hello, hello!
i promised yesterday that i would treat it right. 
i promised that i would let my hands get a break so when they needed to get a new grip, 
they might be more rested. 
i never promised to not use them. 

today, the car was in use as a hockey mobile. 
i had time to fiddle 
while i waited for its return. 
so i looked in at the site called 

it is not a new spot, but it is a really great one for looking around in.
that is if you are a fallen knitter or other textile fascinated person. 
yes, i was aware that there are many people doing really fun things.
and yep, i knew that there were perhaps tutorials galore. 
and uh huh, i fantasized about sock knitting. 
but in reality, i have no more excuses. 
i needed to harness my attentional deficits and learn that technique that is hobbling my vocabulary of textural and creative textile making. 
that bad ass is called 
and yep i was struggling to focus. 
i needed to be able to just sit down, read the instructions, 
suspend reality, follow the instructions 
and harness its magical qualifications. 
ok, so i decided to make a scarf first. 
not a hundred percent fun, 
but some of the fun is in the challenge of it all. 
and yes, i do feel mighty challenged. 
so i tried to get juiced about the potential for this form. 
and ravelry did not disappoint me. 
i found about 8 really delish patterns that could be knitted once i learned how to do it and that i found just yummy for different reasons. 
i love the lace edging on one pattern,
 the fitted jacket in another,
and perhaps my most favorite was a shawl in many color blocks, all having a buttonhole worked into each block. 
this showed not only how a boring ole pattern could be juicy with color but also flexible as can be... using those buttonholes to thread the shawl shaped garment through.
this allows for many drapery and closure choices. 

anyways, this is what i started... 
i was unconvinced about its end result, however i owned the yarn already. 
and i have NEVER been disappointed in anything i have ever made using 
manos del uruguay. 
it has an irregularly spun thick and thin 
quality to it. 
it has also been hand dyed. 
and it is really very soft. 
both to wear as well as to knit with. 

anyways, i needed to stay awake, so there are also the power pac additive qualities that 
are added to home made chocolate chip cookies. 
i like to bake them just a bit shy of fully cooked. 
this allows for an extra day of chewiness, without that stale flavor that can show up,
ruining the romance of that there cookie. 
and face it, as comfort foods go, no one likes a toll house cookie to be anything less than perfect. 
especially me. 

it is late now, and i will pay tomorrow when i need to be on my A-game. 
so i bid you a sweet adieu for now. 
later today, perhaps midway pics will be added into this rambling post. 
until then, 


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