Wednesday, September 7, 2011


earlier this week, after a particularly busy weekend, i wrote a long beauteous post. 
it was lusciously full. 
there were photos, 
i pressed one button and lost the whole thing. 
i was so peeved with myself, i have not tried yet to reprise that line of what i may consider very narcissistically, clever yet crafty prose. oh yeah, i am my own biggest fan most days.
not always deservedly so. 
today, i shall start this mishegas all over and hopefully, this time press the print button instead of a delete function. 
can you tell how much i annoy myself?
well i do. 

so on a more gentle and pleasing note...
it is raining out right now. 
oh how i have missed the sound of rain... as i fall or drift off to sleep. 
it was replaced over the past months of hot, muggy weather with the drone of the air conditioner making the air quality tolerable within my house. 
in tandem, the fan has been moving millions of cubic inches of dehydrated air over my sweaty menopausally challenged body. 
it mostly was tolerable, however, i do feel deeply addicted to living in dry cooler air.
without this, summer surely would be the least enjoyed season ever. 
i say i do this all for the dog, 
but as streams of water flow down my face in response to even the slightest hint of movement, i can only think of saturday night live episodes with 
chevy chase flop sweating his way through a weekend update bit
or albert brooks in 
"broadcast news".

it is once again, 
no not the musical group, 
but more like that thing people of my generation and many before me, may have referred to as, Irony. 
when my husband and i lived in our 5oo square foot Harvard Square 
apartment  for many years, 
he enjoyed having a fan in the window. 
we moved to providence and he put two fans in the windows and the ceiling fan turned at 
3 speeds. 
i slept in the nexus of a space that i often likened to a wind tunnel at Logan International Airport. 
it was noisy, and comfy for my other half. 
i hated it for  ear irritating decibel levels.
now i have created a variation on this theme... to withstand my own corporal failures. 
tonight, though, there is enough natural cool air out. 
along with that comfortable temperature, 
there is the soothing, gentle sound of rain 
and cars passing through it all. 
just a few feet from my windos. 
and yes, i feel very cozy, comfortable and 
naturally sleepy. 
me and my bff are gonna go down for the count now. 
perhaps in the light of tomorrow's hazy day, i can reprise some of the weekend's activities. 
or maybe i will just sleep a little more comfortably in the 
cool, air clarifying rain. 
thank you old friend for your timely visit. 
you have been sorely missed. 

xoxo w. 

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