Wednesday, August 31, 2011

mr. clean's messy disciple.

i have a heap of cleaning to do. 
and you all know how little i enjoy that. 
last night after all the monkeys were in their beds,
i had a date with some windex, a trash barrel or two as well as the vacuum cleaner. 
my husband tends to go to sleep much earlier than i do. 
and he wakes most days a lot earlier too. 
so we live in weird little shifts. 
i am just a night owl, with only some remorse. 
it had to happen though, so i closed the doors on the way to our bedroom
 in our crackerbox houselet. 
allowing for the noise of the vacuum doing its helpful thing.
really, hubby can sleep if he is tired and is a lot happier with a cleaner home. 
and so am i. 

the motivation is always money and a small rube goldberg-ian plan. 
i have been so busy this summer that i haven't put many of my pack-ratted 
things i use away. 
once i have done it, i need them almost immediately. 
so the clutter builds all over again. 
imagine though, that your business is on-line and requires some photos. 
things that represent what you have to sell? 
and you cannot find your camera!!!!!!!!
so i went on a minor cleaning rampage. 
not angry or fist shaking in style, 
rather productively,
just organizing and putting things back to where they may be found later. 
in this, i eventually did find my camera. 
i am mortified to admit even to myself that
it was about 6 inches to my right, in the crack of my chair where i was sitting. 
the need for removing shed dog hair (from my "non-shedding" breed)
 and picking up the large can of silver head pins  that i had dropped accidentally
 a few weeks ago... 
it just got to be too much. 
the hair,  the dust and the intermingled pins had finally pushed me over the edge.
this mess needed to be sorted and cleaned up. 
i luckily kept the pins and threw the dusty dog bunnies into the trash. 
and one good trash chucking deserves another 
and another. 
and if inspired, a few more.
so i kept at it until i was falling asleep sorting stuff while still sitting up. 

not only did i find my camera, 
i also found some teensy marquis shaped and bezzled dangling rhinestones i have been searching all over for, for nearly 3 years. 
naturally, i put them someplace safe.
 they were right next to my chair within a project i had on hold. 
i really hate this part of my personality. 
i seem to put things away as if i were drunk at the time; 
making certain,
 i can find them in the exact place i might look for them when i sobered up.
i may have to resume drinking to get a hold of my own 
personality oddities. 
if i have to, i will. 
a nice chardonnay or gin with tonic 
may be a good answer to my head full of swiss cheese. 
i would shake my head at myself more, but i would surely develop shaken adult syndrome. 
i am uncertain any physician would see that as a real problem. 

anyways, i am still on the hunt and capture mode to corral some more dust pupsters. 
and then off to the DMV. 
my daughter lost her state i.d. last school year when her wallet was stolen 
from her classroom.
(naturally, she was not with it in the room at the time...)
 she needs a real ID  to perform her 
sophomoric duties this upcoming year. 
she will be returning to school to move into an apartment this time. 
also it is  within a week of her brother leaving the nest for his premiere on U.Maine's campus. 
so many mixed sensibilities.

i hope that my youngest is aware of what the unedited me is going to be like. 
she enjoys a lot of independence now. 
way ahead of the schedule her siblings took grasp of. 
i may either be a mentally absentee parent or laser-like in my focus upon her life. 
it may get to be too much for her. 
my attentions have been shattered over the past decades... splintered into pieces to manage the other two teen's lives, 
hubby dearest's food needs / hockey mania ... 
and my own 
interests in  jewelry and vintage stuff.
which i suppose brings me full circle... and back to some more cleaning. 

they boy's room is now unoccupied but filthy.  
 i threatened him with the plan to create a sewing haven in there for me. 
shockingly, he seemed hurt, but really relieved that he didn't need to pick up after himself. 
we shall see what happens by thanksgiving break. 

anyways... i am off to enjoy a hot coffee on this glorious day. 
kitchen, you are after the bathroom, 
so enjoy your privacy and unswept ways for another day. 
your day will be coming sooner than you expect. 
most minimal carpentry ever in existence, 
T.S.P. washing your walls,
perhaps more paint, 
 and a swept floor. 
yes, you know you want it. 
so be patient a little longer. 


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