Sunday, August 21, 2011


within the next few weeks, there will be a lot of adjustments to make.
firstly and the most scary is the chance that i will be talking to my husband with greater frequency. if not in fact, in theory. 
i expect a few more open spaces in our conversational opportunities. 
you know those pregnant pauses that used to be smack dab in the middle of every discussion?
i believe they were filled to the max, by the outgrowth of my pregnancies themselves. 
so many interruptions over the past two decades. 
so many branches on any chat, formulated by 
and on very rare occasions, 
a more reasonable bathroom schedule. 
or do i mean manageable. 
recently, i went away and shared a room with two other moms each with 3 kids. 
the only one of us who needed to lock the bathroom door was the 10 year old daughter that accompanied one of us. 
i am so familiar with 5 people sharing a toilet, shower and sink.
NO PRIVACY wears on me. 
this may be a real delight ultimately. 
the grocery shopping.
two palates no longer needing to be accommodated. 
this ought to reduce the food costs enough to pay for the braces. 
i am truly looking forward to this. 
i also am excited about not hiding food. 
no one here can eat just a couple of cookies. they disappear by the sleeves. 
3 kids, no oreos. 
i hate this, is it the new math perhaps?
the locusts will be using dining halls to feed themselves from
as both a primary food source as well as being challenged to cooking for her own self. 
i have no idea why it costs so much to keep things updated. 
all we humans used to need was a stream, a rock and the sun. 
now we need oxyclean, 
to cover our inability to move coffee urns (at work) 
without spilling and staining white work shirts. 
we need non-bleach detergent to wash our light and brightly colored clothing. 
we need something to cover the towels which seem to all have a mottled expression. i am so sick of this. it is due to the inappropriate addition of bleach to the washer. 
direct additions into the water,
 rather pouring a miracle cleaner,bleach, into the little built-in cuppy thing on the side of the machine, it is poured directly into the water.
people, this cup is there to prevent all sorts of bleach to cloth interface mishaps. 
i dare not suggest using the washer the way it was designed.
and yes, this is my husband's domain. 
he decided to help out and do the laundry for the household about a decade ago,
lessening my household management needs.  
since then, we all have grown tolerant of the greigeness that has ensued.
just separating the whites, lights and jeans would hold a big change in the outcome. 
it is not a fight i want to take on.
at least not until we return to a family of 3.
at this time, i would like to insert my technical home ec. education and experiences 
back into the fray. 
 i dream of winning out by taking on proper bleaching technique and mechanical drying to remove the inevitable funky smells which are captured in the towels. 
i have goals. 
i hope to achieve them. 
i can't believe i want to try to do laundry again. 
and of course the concept of placing cleansed items in drawers is going to be very cathartic. 
truly, i love the orderliness of drawers, especially when it is tidy and neat. 
its potential is very satisfying. 
generally speaking, my husband eats what i serve him. 
this will be nice to return to. 
the little widget can get to liking my food finally, without comment. 
her other recourse will be cereal or pb&j. 
i am tired of running a special needs kitchen. 
one that feels a lot like a kosher kitchen, 
where the dairy and meat may not touch in any manner. 
the widget will have her room back and the lower of the bunk beds, which she prefers. 
i plan to invest in a new space age technological mattress. 
sleeping is a gift from the gods, and i really like it. 
being comfortable once again, really appeals to me. 
i would like to think that on the seventh item, we rested.
but that might be sunday, and that is when hockey is played. 
so there will only be one kid to ferry about for sports this autumn. 
i am looking towards this really joyously. 
and she doesn't wear braces. 
so that too is a huge joy. 
less outgoing dollars for gas and orthodonture. 
i may wet myself with joy. 

i am going googly about how these small changes, may wield big results. 
as always, the territorialism of our world will be less filled with friction. 
i am going to take over some of my son's domain. 
i want to sew again, yet it is too hard to do in the basement. 
not enough light. 
so i better just do it. 

i hope to keep things interesting, when my world gets less clogged. 


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