Saturday, August 13, 2011


ok, i think i can spell it. probably not. 
so i am being too lazy about the whole posting on this blog. i gots me loads to say. 
however i am out of time this week. 

shortest synopsis possible. i went to Block Island last weekend. i got back. thank heavens. i think i prayed for personal comfort for 4 days straight. 
i will update you all on this in a long and later posting. 
let's just say, it was a weird and full experience ... loads and loads learned. 

next, i got back, got sorta resituated with with family and then went crazy, picking up a totally cool fellow as my rep. he is so uber sweet and extra calming. good thing too. i got a lot of bracelets, earrings and necklaces ready for the big shew. and that in and of itself was a huge freaking deal. i will also share that too. i got a lot to tell you all. 
in the mean time, i will share these bracelets i made for the big new surprise in my life. 
and no, i am not of an age where pregnancy is anything that may happen. phew. 
so here are some fresh bracelets for you considerations. 

i am crashing and burning...


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