Wednesday, August 3, 2011

block island

i have no idea why, but my tendencies in life are often determined by very slow changes. 
my mother used to call me a radish. 
big tap root,
a little spicy, 
a little crunchy, 
and a little green on top. 
i guess my lack of changing or liking to change
goes hand in hand with being set down in one place
and just staying till there was no other alternative
 but to be harvested somehow. 

i do not seem to like change much. 

i have been trying out different things all summer long. 
and i might even say that i am enjoying putting myself "out there".
two of my creative pals, have been encouraging me,
 as a parent might encourage a baby with their first steps. 

i have been a fan of trying to do new things...sometimes.
this is if i have all the details figured out and settled in my mind. 
{like this ever really happens...}
it is time to make some personal progress. 
you know the kind,
less radish-like; more like walking on ice.  

my goal for this summer was to try out doing some different shows.
by different, i mean ones hosted by several promoters.

my first one in february was held outside of my comfort zone. 
ie, boston.
in spite of living in cambridge and working in boston over 12 years,
it was a brave new world to try. 
the show was not a good choice for me, but i realized early on, it may be that way.
i also decided trying to not put too much pressure on myself to succeed. 
anything that worked out was going to be good.
i found the experience too slow.
and then in the last half hour that we were open,
a surprising thing happened that made the whole show worth everything i had invested in it.  
a lovely woman showed up. 
a twentysomething 
a CPA 
with a huge attraction for my wares
came to my booth. 
she looked at just about everything i had... 
3 big necklaces, a small necklace with a gorgeous little jackknife on it
{i have had many regretful pangs selling that piece over the ensuing months}
 and 3 charm bracelets. 

i now know that some serious action can happen at the last minute. 

later in june, i was able to participate in a show "in my own back yard".
it was a couple of miles from my home. 
it was in the pouring rain.
there were loads of customers shopping though. 
as i was packing up to go home, i tripped over a curb. 
yes, i  fell flat on my palms and knees.
almost literally on my face.  
those were some juicy major scrapes.

i learned that even in truly crummy weather and when i fall flat on my face...
i  experienced a really positive and rewarding show. 
check:   another good lesson learned. 

now my friends have added me under their wings to show on 
BLOCK ISLAND this weekend... it is the perfect sunny day trip for 
Rhode Island sun heathens 
{as i am originally a new yorker, i feel a breeze of nostalgia 
wafting over my bones.} 

this is gonna be quite the experience... 
my lingua franca in place. 
direct conversation that often causes new englanders to blush. 
perhaps nostalgia for my love of my arty roots ....
enjoined perhaps by those that i nurtured them with originally. 
it could be really great as experiences go. 
still i am totally nervous, 
and legitimately excited. 
it may feel too much like going home and being on vacation while at work. 

i will be leaving my family to fend for themselves for 
due to the current circumstances of  the older two beasts going to college in a month,
{or as my son intimates daily...only 24 to go...}

there will be none of the annual camping trip this summer
my husband usually goes to NH to camp for 5 to 6  days. 
he says he is going for a week. 
it is always a lot shorter. 
i love this break and the option to spread out all over my living space, 
watch t.v.
watch movies
eat what i want
without anyone grousing or giving me looks.
i love this annual break.
i even live for it.
since i have this block island show opportunity,  
i am making a little private world in a different way  for myself this summer. 
none of them were invited. 
and it is just as well, since i do not have lodging for 2 of my 4 days there. 
i think i will be driving my car around the island and taking 4 hour naps in its front seat. 
watching the sun rise. 
and public rest room bird baths. 
good thing my lodging will be  during the two days of the show. 
so i will enjoy real showers 
and a comfy bed.
new england style.

in the time leading up to this, 
i will be continuing on my manic plans to make earrings(check), 
necklaces(check check).  
hopefully, i will make some things that others will really love as much to wear
as i do to make them. 
my family will surely survive without me, 
and perhaps someone will even walk my poochiedoodle. 
i do love him best of all. 
and they all know this. 

so in the moments leading up to this change of my radishy ways, i will leave you with some pics  of what i am working on to bring with me. 

carnivale necklace

carnivale necklace

cottonwood blues

marguerite necklace

white on white

ok, back to making other stuff. 
i have so much to do... 
like anyone would ever know what i did not bring or was on my list to make. 
it is hard to be your own boss. 

back to the presses. 
thanks for looking in. 


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