Saturday, July 30, 2011

day one of double nickels

there are loads of things i look forward to in life. 
one of them is the fluttery feeling in my abdomen as i prepare for yet another birthday. 
i LOVE my birthday. 
in a pretty private way. 
i do not like a huge fuss, but i love the special feeling that i get when it nears in date. 
i also love the sense of comaraderie that fellow leos  share with each other. 
we seem to not dabble, but expect a hella good time. 
and to be a revered just a little bit. 
that announcement that there were now 13 astrological signs, a few months back, held no court with me. 
total denial on my part. 

the thing i think is the most fun about the birthday, is that i sing in my head all day long on the following day. 
a little song that Paul Simon sang. 
it climbed the charts when i was a teenaged girl. 

"Yesterday was my birthday, hung another year on the line...
celebrating this, celebrating that, 
just having a good time..."
( I thought to look up the correct lyrics, but as i am now older and lazier, i plan to 
stick with the ones rolling around in my head. )

anyways, i had a spectacular day. 
my youngest beast, vogued around the house all day, while i prepped for today's 
open market in town. 
the boy worked at his job and then did errands with me culminating in a quick trip
to starbucks for a pretty pink lemonade with passion fruit tea. 
i can still introduce him to the things i enjoy. 
and my eldest, knowing how much i like eggplant, grilled some for me
with a balsamic vinaigrette  on it. 
this went with the garlic bread she made, 
the baked beans, 
home made cole slaw that is one of my husbands only foods he can make, 
and grilled chicken. 
they worked hard on this mix of foods for my appreciation. 
and then they topped it off with a pretty grocery store cake. 
they had my name iced onto it with a surround of pink and lime green icing. 
my fave colors most days. 
the only thing missing was the now family inspired and celebrated note on the cake. 
getting it iced on is sometimes a little hard to do. 
it is :
"happy fucking birthday!
fill in the right name of family member".
it all depends on who is at the supermarket bakery station.
their age, their sensibility, and if they will tempt fate for a little funsies. 

all in all this was a nice meal. 
then i had no dishes to wash. 
the dishes have been making me particularly irritable of late. 
since my daughter is working in food service, she no longer feels any obligation to do them at home any more. unless i ask on her day off. i can withstand those glares and eyerolls if i am careful and look like i mean business. 
the little girl here will do things if i insist, or she wants to do something and can trade skill for skill with me. usually i wind up driving her someplace and then paying for it. 

so recounting, 
no squabbling. 
no dishes. 
no cooking. 
all in all, pretty close to perfect. 
then i added in a pair of daniel craig movies back to back. 
who could resist him as a fan of James Bond ???
and the new movie,
Cowboys and Aliens
which opened on my special day, also has been really well reviewed. 
i plan to take this one in at the big screen movie-plex in town the next time it rains. 
i really want to see it. 

so i had a great day. 
thank yous go out to all griffins involved. 

as for today...
day 1 of being 55...
i was showing my jewelry wares at a local show in town. 
i had some sweet fresh earrings, 
to share, 
some new penny pendant necklaces and 
some other brooches and rings. 
it all felt very good. 
and there were the ladies that rock things in their own ways.
i love folks that will try on some necklaces and bracelets. 
my price tag for this is that i take their photos for my own fun and sharing. 

truly, i enjoy how nice these things look on real women. they make it all worth creating things for others. 

unfortunately, the heat of the day or the dodderiness of the day at this rarefied age is making me totally sleepy.
it may be that magic hour now...

i bid you adieu....
at least for now.


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