Sunday, July 24, 2011

innies or outies?

nope, nothing to do with belly buttons. 

are you in or are you out? 

often enough i like to consider the reality based t.v. shows... Survivor is the one i go to first. 
our family has alliances, strategy plotting and silly little games to play,
 in and amongst ourselves. 
i find that there is a distinct similarity to the hi-jinx that i have seen played out on survivor. 
in this vein, 
i am sure that everyone thinks about their popularity at some time or another.
i know i do within the personalities of my house.

nowadays,  i am curious about who in the house is my buddy or not.
my husband, the top of this pyramid...
well he is a grump. 
i have no idea why. but i think i can turn his 'tude around. 
i am gonna pick up and clean our bedroom. 
a clutter free zone is achieved with the zen of big black plastic contractor trash bag. 
i think he will love this. 
and putting a smile on his curmudgeonly face is good. 
so i feel the potential for being on his inner circle is high. 
i will work on that today. 

the boy
is going golfing. 
this will make him way happy. 
his plan is to take the little one with him. 
she just is too precious for words these days, 
all snarky and smart assed.

i know i am on the in with these two. 
the boy got some sunglasses last weekend... which seemingly rock his world. 
he is the most metro-selectual critter i have ever known. 
the entire bathroom windowsill is filled with his clutter. 
i mean personal products.

the all graham shelf:
full tilt metrosexuality
in a bottle

not one, but several hair gels, 
some efferdent for his retainers, 
his retainers themselves, 
two kinds of mouthwash; one to kill anything within its reach, one to whiten teeth. 
also there is the acne stuff, 
shaving cream, 
and other assorted crap. 
i no longer care. he likes to smell and look good.
this is a good thing.

the snarky little widget, also loves her sartorial experiments. 
she loves clothes and planning her outfits. 
it all works a lot better if she is fit and the clothes look good on her. 
she is growing by leaps and bounds this summer and will be requiring a freshly pressed new wardrobe in two months to start her high school experiences with.
right now she is determined to show me how defined her abs look 
after every set of sit-ups she does. 
and then there is the speed bag....
she and her brother take pics of their success on that piece of my husband's past. 
when i met him, he had been addicted to hitting the speed-bag.
(i threw clay and made pottery to keep my head on straight throughout high school). 
he hit the heavy bag and his pet speed-bag. 
pent up frustration
the teen aged life... all throughout time. 

and then there is my eldest. 
testing all of the waters. 
and my tolerances. 
she uses tumblr. 
it is her fix for dealing with a combination of pics, blogging and then staying connected to her people. 

this collection of people is two fold. 
part one:
comic book geeks. 
part two:
anyone but me. 

i looked into her world on tumblr. 
i added my name as her follower. 
i was ironically her 200th follower, not her first. 
she pouted, which for her is a full on terrible argument. 
so i unfollowed her. 
how the hell does she have 200, i mean 199 groupies? 
she was really pissed off. 
she actually told my little one that she could not believe that we would intrude on her only and last private place. 
(i should send the 199 special inductees, engraved congratulatory notes on toilet paper, since they have made the cut).
so i guess the issue of her being open to followers is limited to an exclusive club
only the  one single member uninvited should refrain from joining. 
she is on very thin ice. 
and it is really hot out. 

ok, so i am officially out with her. 

lets do the tally:
one potential in,
two definite ins 
one definite out.
the dog is always my best buddy, so he skews all counts as an innie. 

in:4   out:1

i think i will be cooking for 4 and providing a bowl of kibble for the dog.
the last one better find one of the 199 to share her meal with.