Monday, July 18, 2011

hot, cool, water, color.

hot and sweaty.
not from dancing the night away under a multi-tiled disco ball either. 
it is that time of life. 
personal overheating is in play. 
and if i am a very good girl, 
i will be soaking in a large, child-filled, pale aqua colored, watery
some time later today. 

i genuinely love water. 
for all of its personal merits, 
its surrounding of our land masses on mother earth 
and for all of its highly functioning housing contributions to our world.
(i am totally in love and always have been with tropical fishies... need i say more?)

i love its cerulean tropical blue tones to its deep, dark, inky, olivene green values.

i say this in part, since i need to go bead shopping. 
yep, you heard me accurately.
so i really need some little brassy head pins and some flowery components, 
but i also need some pretty and new 
vintage old stock beads. 

i am on a fresh kick making necklaces with  beads that i have been hoarding for a nice long time. i forget sometimes that they are the backbone of my iconic (dare i say that?)
and lush floral necklaces.

"Pink Lemonade"

 "first love blooming"

" morning garden"

"farm stand glory I"

ok, i am going to claim a smattering of heat stroke in my less humble comments. 
i figure that you all will give me a little more room than usual for this. 
i am just too warm. 

i am sure to be drawn to the blues and green beads that are in storage, 
just waiting for my hands to grab hold of them. 
i have some serious plans to put them into chains. 
and then the chains will be moving on up to a better place than a dusty box. 
perhaps,they will be swagged and draped and pulled into groups for a tasseled effect.
all i know is i have been itching to go searching for them. 
the new style i am having a blast making features some unexpected color and texture combos. 

and if i am gonna be this explosive in my heated hell,
then everyone will be grateful for some 
colorized tones surrounding me to cool off my hot-headedness.
i am dreaming, but that is good too. 
lowering the blood pressure. 
resting up for my big show adventure. 
i am going to block island. 
a mini work convention and a mini holiday all in one place! 
can't wait. 
now where did i put that bain de soleil sunblock
and my puka shells?



  1. Ahhhh, the pool..I hope you were just a good enough girl to get to go. The water is the only place I feel truly relaxed and at soothes me. When I can't be in water and I need to calm down...I take myself to the water in my mind.

  2. Ahhhh! I have a nice cool pool right here for you!

    With each necklace I said to myself "Y.E.S." Yes! They are all divine and I really enjoyed the contrasting colors you put together