Sunday, July 3, 2011

july celebratory giveaway

this is gonna be a short one... posting i mean.
i have a tendency to run on in spite of trying not to. 
i just cannot help my self. 
and there is no possibility of self policing. 

last month, i was interested in updating or increasing my interactions with like minded people. 
i say people, in spite of 99.9% of folks in my line of work are women. on an occasion, there is a man involved though and i do not want to offend any of them. 
so let me move myself along...

i am trying to offer a giveaway of something i have made every month. 
i know there is no free lunch, but there ought to be a chance every so often to 
pay something forward. 

this month i chose a pretty pair of post style earrings. 
perhaps i am describing them as prettier than someone else might consider them. 
still, i have made a pair for myself and felt really happy wearing them. 
everything i make needs a test drive. 
so i drove to meet a hardened jewelry making friend for coffee. 
i enjoyed it all. 
it is also worth mentioning that i have not changed my earrings for nearly 20 years. 
little gold hoops. they are staying until i have old lady elephant ears. 
i know they are coming. for this i will have to wear larger hoops as time goes by. 

digressions aside, 
these are the pair chosen for someone to win.

they are an almond white with a pale tinge of pink. 
the posts are gold filled 
 holding an iridescent coated granny smith apple green bead in the center. 
i am smitten. 
perhaps you too would like to make your play for them? 

the process is quite easy, you just need to leave a note on my facebook page and i will add your name into the random drawing. 
this will end wednesday, july 6th 2o11
at midnight. 

just leave a comment 

as always, 
thank you and happy fourth of july!

please enjoy this marvelous day safely, 
let the professionals take charge of all fireworks 
send an air kiss to our soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms 
all over the world. 


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