Sunday, July 24, 2011

one at a time

the current temperatures,
have driven me inside.
inside of my little house with its sturdily working, yet cooling tiny air conditioner and my invaluable companion t.v. 
this aside, i was willing to brave the day and put myself on the line yesterday.
i could do this only with the help of my son.
he has been invaluable in the set up and break down for my show persona; 
that and his general ability to share his time and good company. 
i have been trying to appreciate this fully as he will be going to college in about a month. 
this is my second time through with a kid going to college. 
and this is as different as the children themselves.

the last time was last summer.
 its expression was bittersweet.
my daughter had no job to go to, nor had she neighborhood friends to spend time with.
her time was spent on a computer. 
no summer athletics, to include the joys of swimming, tennis or the fail-safe passive activity of sunning.
nothing but the glow of the family computer to fuel her deathly pallor 
and introverted personality.
eventually, she went to school...
and then she came home every damn weekend. 
the ability to enjoy separation anxiety was non-existent. 
her regular visits home were increasingly more fun as she unfolded her wings. 

 as i look forward to my son leaving for school,
 and the multi-pronged joys that his new experiences will yield...
 i have been making new jeweled compositions.
(yep, denial in full swing.)
i am driven to try to make fresh compositions.
reason one:
i need to help  to pay for these two 
fledglings and their starts into the "real world".

reason two:
it seems to distract me from the prospect of their departures.

reason three: 
i am trying to re-connect or create a "non-mom"
reality for myself.

reason four:
i need a little focus,
i need a garden,
i need to create,
i need to fill my time with something that is personally rewarding. 
i have felt so lost in my life at many times and the creative part of it, 
was always there to catch me when i fell. 

Providence Open Market is my freshly growing outlet for what i am trying to do. 
each week i have driven myself to try to make something new and cute.
(i hope!)

one week it was post earrings

(ignore the old bat crepey skin and grey hair... it is my own. 
and i try to ignore it all the time... )

another week it was enamel chain and flower necklaces plus bracelets.

i followed with flower necklaces and bracelets attached to silver chains.

then folks asked for brooches.

last week i was asked about some rings and hair related things.
 i got to making  some rings,

 but not the bobby pins
or the hair bands.
but i got to some fresh earrings.

next week, i fear, i need some fresh bold signature necklaces... in a big way.

and of course what i consider my bread and butter style necklaces.

this one got made while watching a special on
 John Lennon.
i never realized how special he really was. 
now i do. 
and yoko ono got a bad rap. 

this style was a very early foray into jewelry making, 
and have been a steadily popular member of my creative stable. 
unfortunately, i have slept this gorgeous day away.
so i did not make enough cause i was comatose.
i have the rest of the week though.

fresh from POM
{Providence Open Market}
(23 july 2011)

here are a few of the beautiful ladies who visited my world yesterday. 
they rocked the necklaces solidly. 
i am always giddy when i finish a necklace, but to have it look real, i need a model. 
these women unwittingly are able to show that reality 
in a way words never can. no matter how many of them i use.

this sweet gal visits this necklace weekly she told me.
 i was able to persuade her to try it on...
and yep, it totally fit her in every way possible.
there are two others who are interested in it, but i hope she snags it.

 this lovely woman rocked this multi-stranded piece and it was so her. 
she was a great model... in neck-ware and in life issues. 

(i complimented her on the little boy standing politely nearby... he was adorable. 
i wrongly thought he was her son, in fact he was her very sweet grandson. 
we are the same age, the woman and i, not her grandson and i)

"she said that ripe fruit was the tastiest"
... a proud nod to our fullness of age. 


this is katy. 
we met a week ago. 
she got married today. 
and her boyfriend of 10 years, is now her husband of a few hours. 
i wish her the very very best in this formalized union.
as she picked up her wedding necklace yesterday, 
she said she felt she had known me forever 
as had i of her. 
i hope we can stay in contact...
she was so well worth meeting and befriending. 

i am sure i can't say how many rewards i feel from this job i have. 

i really must clean house and make some new goodies... 
since next weekend is surely coming quickly.
but dinner will be first.
fresh wearable bouquets will follow. 

tonight i have something to look forward to... aurelio zen...
 the newest member of the PBS mystery series on Masterpiece Theater tonight. 
mmm. and his female counterpart is one of the Bond bad guy's wives from 
Casino Royale. 
oh eye candy for everyone... wrapped in a mystery and a love story. 
nothing is better. 
i swear. 
and pinky swear. 

so on to the pork chops, beans and rice! 
a feast for us all. 



  1. I love your Blog Wendy, and if you get to read this it means I FINALLY got to post a comment via godforsaken Blogger (fingers crossed) and................

  2. Many of the feelings you describe are very familiar to me. What I read above inspires me. Creation is good for the soul and mental balance, above all. Especially when one makes as beautiful things as you do, things that give true joy to others. I try to create things with my hands as much as possible. With mediocre results often but still... My best to you