Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot....

cue the steel drums playing in the background. 
icy drinks playing in the foreground. 
trailing water droplets on the outside of the glasses.
cerulean blue waters. 
slow moving fans.
slow moving people.
reality in the background. 
the joy that is the DMV.

my husband had a birthday. 
his license expired. 
it is joy all around.
he managed to leave the house and care for his legal needs.

me, i am hunkered in my established sofa real estate 
sitting with my dog 
sandwiched between the air conditioner and the box fan.
two kids are at work, in air conditioned climates. 
the third is hinting at me while sitting in her bathing suit, t-shirt and shorts
also in the bat-cave.
i am thinking perhaps, it ought to be called the clutter cave. 
maybe the sparkle cave. 
so many little rhinestones and flowers to pop them into.
that is my joy today. 

yesterday was spent in the cave watching three movies.
back to back to back. 
bourne identity
run, fat boy run. 
love me the movies. 

in this peaceful 
diet coke induced coma, 
i made a bridal necklace. 
my newest lady is just adorable. 
i met her at providence open market, 
last saturday with her fiance. 
they are planning to be married this sunday. 
(thanking the heavens, they will be tying the knot after the heat wave abates some.) 

she tried on a piece i already had made.
she took my card. 
we connected monday. 

we talked... and looked through my ali baba's basement studio space. 
she found some tiny enamel treasures to add to her ideal bridal cache.
she brought coral bead strands in several colors,
a plan for her ideal necklace, 
some even more special items... 
3 white based  enamel butterflies,
a small card of mother of pearl buttons from her grandfather,
and a timeline.

we agreed upon a pair of little pretty enamel flowery earrings. 
i will convert them from clips to post earrings in a few minutes. 
as well as a triple-stranded coral necklace 
with a composition of the enamel bits worked in. 
her plan looked like this:

and after many hours playing with components, 
it all came to this. 

i truly hope she likes it. 
as it is almost as lovely as she is herself.

and in the spare moments, i made some more of my new fave fun necklaces. 
beady treasures with a lone dangling flower. 

if i get things in gear, i will make some rings and some fresh earrings. 
how i can manage this with my teen girl staring me down 
in her bathing suit... 
and dreaming of a big, big $.79 slurpee, will be a mystery. 
but i am gonna try to bribe her with anything i can. 
she has been remarkably patient. 
which i really like in a child. 
especially in a teenager.


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