Thursday, August 25, 2011

the countdown...

the countdown is beginning. 
and i am ok. 
the boy and i went college prep shopping yesterday. 
and then we got burgers to go for lunch. 
i think he is in for an awakening. 
no more pesky little sister vogueing through the house,
no more bonding with his older sister,
no more hockey skating with dad in the old fart's games, 
no more hanging and working with me, 
and worst of all, 
no more puppy loving. 
at least for a while. 


after the boy is delivered to his new world, 
i get to start all over with the girl. 
she will be coming home still though... as she enjoys getting closer and closer to the joys of an effective bite, a stupendous smile and braces-free living. 

which leaves me with my widget and my curmudgeon. 

and my doggie. 

i think i can, i think i can...
and now for a cup of joe. 


a poem sent to me by my friend christine heenan:
My Son the Man
Suddenly his shoulders get a lot wider,
the way Houdini would expand his body
while people were putting him in chains. It seems
no time since I would help him to put on his sleeper,
guide his calves into the gold interior,
zip him up and toss him up and
catch his weight. I cannot imagine him
no longer a child, and I know I must get ready,
get over my fear of men now my son
is going to be one. This was not
what I had in mind when he pressed up through me like a
sealed trunk through the ice of the Hudson,
snapped the padlock, unsnaked the chains,
and appeared in my arms. Now he looks at me
the way Houdini studied a box
to learn the way out, then smiled and let himself be manacled.
--Sharon Olds

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