Tuesday, August 23, 2011

finally some calming floral notes...

yes, i have prattled on indecently about how many familial events are worrying my caffeinated/decaffeinated existence. 
i would like to assure you that this is not gonna be one of them. 

the weather is absolutely perfect for the joy of painting. 
i have both the flowers, 
the colors, 
and a palette in mind. 
let's just see if i can hold them all in good stead and stick to the plan. 
the plan is for rich colors. 
reddish, brightest pink. 
white, edged with sumpin' good. 
brown, yeah, i said it. 
greens.... leafy lush olive, bright and nearly white. 

i realize that the fashion forecast calls for browns and tans. 
i may have to play nice with this, but i am not gonna suck up to it. 
i am not a huge fan of brown or tan. 
however, if you put some creamy pearls, some warm brass, a little tea tinted white 
all together,  i totally could get on board with that. 
as a matter of fact, i have a request to make something along those lines
 for a nice and patient woman somewhere out in the ether that etsy lives in. 
her interest is in something of a necklace that is based upon a group of bracelets i made 
a while back. 

"Victorian Sensible"
a bracelet

i feel a reprisal is coming ...

and let me just say, jewel tones. 
they NEVER fail to go out of style in the autumn. 
perhaps i am old and a little jaded. 
i just think that my strength and happiness 
fall into keeping my own ideas about a palette intact. 
so i am uncertain as to what will strike my fancy per se, 
but something will. 
and i will try to be open to it, as well as share it with you. 
you may be open to bucking the fashionistas doctrines 
to follow your own heart just as i try to do.

this is what i made for the NY gift showing.
it is for me, another take on my neutral interpretations of white and browns. 
i survive with the addition of pinks in things. 
perhaps no one has rosy colored glasses anymore? 
it is just lightly tinged and enough to warm the entire composition. 
and it does speak to me. 

thanks for listening in...
and all. 


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