Friday, August 19, 2011

harvesting season

what a busy time of the year... 
i am really glad that i don't have to harvest foodstuffs for human or animal consumption.
what with all the flowers i am putting in the way of
 necklaces and bracelets,

rings and brooches,
statements pieces both larger-scaled and demure alike.

it is all making me feel like a little bit of a bumblebee. 
one that has an attentional deficiency. 

i have plenty of plans to get off the ground. 
ideas for new pretty wearable metal bloomers
as well as some repurposing of vintage or downright antique elements.
chains, buttons, beads, buckles, tin-type photos, 
crystals, enamel brooches, sharks' teeth, 
rhinestones, rhinestone balls, 
cigar boxes, stamps,
leather, mother of pearl,
suede, metal
letterpress stamps, 
and many 

i can't wait.
but wait, i must. 

two kids will be leaving for college from this address in the next two weeks.
 the last child left standing will be entering high school. 
she is the kid that all the parents at her older sister's school commented on. 
they can't believe tess is going to high school. 
they were also suspending confirmation of her having legs.
for the two years i carried her in to school to drop halley off, they were certain she had no tootsies or gams. 
she was in a sling. all cuddled up and near to my heart. 
now she talks. 
sometimes it is hard to believe how intimate our physical bonding experience was.
this is especially clear when there is a conversation from one room to another 
between the two of us 
at a loud volume.

not the same as it ever was. 

yet ...
it will be in that absolutely flexible to and fro condition.
the one  that is what composes a mother and daughter's 
diametrically thorny and love -filled relationship. 

graham will be taking the hair clippers to school with him. 
he enjoys his hair being carefully sculpted like a bonsai tree, as regularly as every 2.5 weeks. 
he will need a special suitcase for all of his personal products. 
hair products, face creams, underarm sticks, soaps for unending surfaces,
 clothing detergents, denture cleanser, 
retainers for his braces-free teeth,
brushes for teeth, his hair and his shoes; 
linens, pillows, blankets, towels, 
all sorts of personal detritus. 
it is going with him to his first new home. the one where he will sprout wingspan. 
i may look forward to the increased air volume  in the house 
as these elements move 5 1/2 hours away.
i shall miss every scented component of his maintenance products. 

this time of year is just so busy, 
if only in the process of making lists. 

however i shall be busily harvesting my own stuff as fast as i can. 
it all needs doing.
and yes, the animals need a nightly feeding again. 


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