Tuesday, September 27, 2011

funky monday night blues

well, i am in a funk. 
this means i may have the following going on:
1}i am tired.
2} i need a schtickel of dental floss. 
3} i lost a really important paper. 
4}i filled out about 3 w-9 forms today. 
5}i have NO idea what they are for. 
6} i fear that my lack of interest will always outweigh my need to find out. 
7} it even might be important. 
8}i made chocolate chip cookies last night and they look like muffin tops.
9} i fear my address is in a talent-free zone these days. 
10} i can't possibly say how badly i want an ipad.
11} would it be a real help to keep track of sales and inventory? 
and could i even figure out the idiot-proofed software used to do this?
12} tuition is due this weekend. 
and i am short. 
13} as much as i work, i seem never to have spare moola. 
14} i believe this is the beginning of hockey season in my house again. 
chaos will be our lingua franca.
15} my son is homesick from his first semester of college. 
16} i might have finally learned how to put up my tent for shows and take it down myself on the last open market. 
17} it is possible that i might have to learn how to do this all over again for next year. 
18} i finally kicked entrelac's ass. 
it took me one good day. 
after weeks of feeling like an entrelac idiot, the class moved on to really erroneously written pattern instructions. 
 no one in my class really cared that i could show them how to do entrelac a little more comfortably. 
19} a fresh show this weekend in newport ri, at the yachting center. 
it is gonna be good, even if i am moping tonight. 
20} i feel like i owe my children each a heartfelt apology. 
21} did i mention that my tv digital converter dies just outside of a year, every year? 
thus voiding its warrantee. 
by now i could own a flat screen tv with a built in digital converter.
so basically, i have no tv. 
this really stinks for my lifestyle. 
22} my new address is going to be in hululand.
 NO NOT NEVERLAND, i promise ever again. 
sorry peter pan. 
23} i cut tessa's hair last night to remove split ends and she still can't french braid it.
24} i am simultaneously thirsty and too lazy to go pee. 
25} i have a lot of shipping to do tomorrow and no supplies. 
26) i also have a lot of photos to snap. 
27} i do not know how to play "angry birds" and i feel fine about that. 
28} i am in a quandary: corn and chicken chowder or cod chowder for tomorrow's dinner. 
29} how will i find time to make an apple pie for funsies soon? 
30} BIG two day show... did i mention i have no inventory for it and am in panic mode?
( i know j and d, i will be calm by saturday...
 i promise you cheery sunbeams,that this will be true... )
and how could i possibly say boo-hoo to such nice lady jewels like nancy and laurie?

too bad i missed a shot with miss julie... the nicest kindergarten teacher in town.

it is quite likely that this is all on my mind and i should just call it a day. 
no wonder i don't sleep enough for my stress levels.
they are artificially high and not worth buying into.

just thought i should share my brand of crazy. 
i know that you all have your own brand to tap into,
but this may be a reminder on how to really make little things add up and give you a headache for no good reason. 

night night ladies... hate to see you go. 

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