Sunday, October 2, 2011

swiss cheese for brains and other stuff

i am pretty tired in general. 
this is related to doing a show each weekend 
(with the exception of the one where we took the boy to college in a white state relatively far away. it is a wonderful place, but it remains unwritten upon and the ubiquitous 
blanket of snow has not yet layered itself in.
as the sun rises and sets, i am sure that it will come though).
this has been ongoing since june. 
and i am a menopausal woman with a penchant for overeating. 
the sweaty, 
looking forward to a small break. 
and october suggests that it will offer one. 
my daydreams will be fulfilled with 
vacuuming the spare dog that could be culled and magically recreated from 
the dog hair shed all over my home, 
from my non-shedding dog breed. 
i also intend to put all of my current inventory on etsy and see where that gets me. 
after that huge pair of life altering events, 
i will be stationary and creating fresh stock. 
things i am unwilling to shudder at out of sheer boredom as i photograph and arrange at the next show i participate in. 
oh yes indeedy, i got some plans for my future. 
also, if this starts well, 
there will be the return of food to the refrigerator and other such wondrous events. 
food may also be baked and cooked again for the mini-family that remains...
in the dusty trails of the college bound evacuees. 

as for swiss cheese.
i have virtually no memory left.
i have a regular looking 'new yorker' cartoon of what my head looks like inside of my head. 
i see an olive green, metal, old fashioned file cabinet. 
it has 4 drawers. 
each of the drawers seems to be closed and the sides are bulging. 
however, there are pieces of papers sticking out at the edges of the closed drawers. 
and they are curly, at their edges. 
since clearly, they are old and not tucked neatly into their manila file folders such as a vastly more neat file cabinet would entertain. 
my mind is overstuffed like a big flowery patterned chair, 
and it is just lumpy. 
i have no memory left. 
i ask and repeat things over and over. 
names slip through like dye in water. 
nothing keeps any of it organized. 
or regular. 
or conventional. 

along the lines of conventionalisms. 
i drive a navy-ish colored volvo sedan. 
watch out if you are near by. 
it is my beastmobile. 
it is my beloved way to giddyap from home to abroad
(Cranston, RI... look it up if you doubt me. the place is just insane and filled with folks that need to pack a lunch if traveling 15 minutes afar from home, or a passport to get into another providence.)
as things go, the beastmobile is conventional looking. 
that is until you get to look at it for a moment. or if bold, two moments. 
the back left side of the car door inside has been removed for investigatory purposes. 
the window stopped rolling up and down. 
it turns out that the motor for that action is DOA.
would my other half put the door innards back in place over the past several years?
then there is the fact that this same door will not open from the outside. 
guests shudder at the responsibility of opening it from the inside. 
just a little rube goldbergian looking inside. 
on the other hand.... the front right passenger door ONLY opens from the outside.
so if you are in that seat, and want to deplane the car, 
you have to open the window and reach out of the car to the exterior handle. 
or perhaps another passenger will open the door for you. 
then there is the steering. 
i am a fat old wench. 
and i am showing a little bit of upper arm tone. 
this is singly due to the joy of turning the steering wheel. 
it is best accomplished as one is moving. otherwise it is quite hard to do. 
boy oh boy. 
parallel parking is a 40 point turning experience. 
last week a PRIUS driver left me less than 12 inches bumper to bumper.
i got out after so many small incremental turns. 
backing up was not an option, since i was parked at a very small angle and close to the curb. 
as every driver's ed teacher would revel in. 
my husband calls Prius drivers, PIOUS drivers. 
i am sure that my expenditure of gas, sweat, tears, rage, car exhaust and sheer determination 
overspent the minor saving of the environment 
that the sanctimonious driver achieved as they parked to their own entitled specifications.
totally not amused here. 
my car issues are legendary... and i own them. 
however i do at this time in my life seem to be feeling a little minivan envy. 

air conditioning, power steering, doors that work, space to load my show stuff in and out...
well all that is beginning to look like a gabizillion bucks to me now. 
just saying. 
my pride has be ridden hard and put away wet. 
i could deal with the lack of sexiness that is a minivan. 
functioning car parts are greatly underappreciated. 
just let me remind you of that. 

in other more jewelry related interests, 
i have been making a nice collection of jewel toned flowery pieces to move myself into 
a more autumnal and ultimately holiday driven 
more deep colors. 
more things that would look good on cold weather clothing.
just more rich and heady.

flower and beaded chain necklaces

in the next phase, all of my inventory is going to be uploaded to my etsy store site. 
i am still fond of it, 
but i need the space. 
if only for the chance to experiment with new colorways,
to get back to my rootstock of statement necklaces and lush bead filled charm bracelets.
i have tons of earrings, but find that there are not enough
of autumnal/wintry/glittery 
ones in my larder. 
so i shall be home happy as a clam with a ton of new ideas to pursue. 
i have been looking forward to this like a runner at a race's finish line. 

in yet more unrelated news, i have spent one day at the 
Newport Festival Fete. 
it has been a beautiful venue, 
albeit not as trafficked as i would have preferred. 
here are some of my guests.. 

my neighbors, andrea and michele... selling amazing  belts, buckles to die for, 
cool tie dyed head bands and fabric belts too. 

andrea in her new BW glitterati earrings. 
and yes, i wish like anything i caught her easy smile and pretty face at more of an angle so you could see her rocking new earrings at all. 

THIS is my rep, KING DAVID. 
today, i plan to stalk his bride, 
if very lucky, i will be able to capture their entire posse of royals. 

my new BFF from shows. 
she is gorgeous, fun and great company. 
and now we are facebook friends. 
who could ask for anything more?

the show was open until 8 pm saturday night. 
we were punch drunk and took photos... 
and played dress-up in necklaces. 
fun. fun. fun. 

this woman and her friend saw this bubblemania necklace of mine... and came back for it. 
the selling point was when i credited it as a party on your neck. 
she snagged some earrings from me as well. 
it must be extra sweet to spend the day in newport with your bestie. 
they look pretty happy too, don't they?

this is a little southern peach. she cries at EVERYTHING.
and her accompanying boyfriend/husband was just so sweet with her. 
she looked like a million bucks in this bibelot. 

she also rocked the bubblemania necklace in another colorway. 
cause looking great in one thing just was not enough. 

well it is day two of the show. 
i need to move and get a few doodads prepped to spend the day effectively. 
thanks for visiting. 


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  1. There were so many great quotes in this blog is the first one I loved..."my daydreams will be fulfilled with
    vacuuming the spare dog that could be culled and magically recreated from
    the dog hair shed all over my home,
    from my non-shedding dog breed. "

    Also, YAY for putting all your current stock up on etsy, I am hoping for something with autumn colors to adorn my neck....