Monday, October 10, 2011

did columbus mope?

columbus day is the traditional day that summer ends.
at least for me.  
summer's end is completely inconsistent with the calendar. 
it is also a good time for kids to sleep in,
perfect timing for attacking long overdue home improvements 
 or maybe a quick turnaround return visit from college
if you need to recharge your batteries.

this of course restarts the entire set of  transitional issues all over again.
 i indulge in the late august and 
early september agenda again.
much as one might rewind a dvd/video/song or whatever is appropriate,
from the spot you went off course with it.
my son has returned to the nest this long weekend. 
{to find everything pretty much the same as it was a month ago}
{in spite of my having cleared and cleaned out his room for habitation once again}

my 14 year old daughter is perfecting her snarls and sneers. 
{after all, she must share the house with yet another person}
{and she admits  she has spates of crazy that are both unwarranted}
{ and age appropriate}

our 20 year old has two jobs and a full time commitment, called college. 
{finally, she got a job and now really means it two times over}

the refrigerator is still full after a few days.
{it confounds me as i have been flying by my pants seat for years now}

i ran out of milk, which doesn't happen as quickly now either.
i am so confused. 

so i plan to paint today. 
the weather is sublime for my task. 
i feel like paints used will reflect the litmus of my being. 
today is a blending of dark purpled, blues. 
and some browns. 
and bright greens. 
{my heart held palette mainstay}

i feel morose. 

they will all return to their respective spinning plates in the air, 
leaving me to make more earrings, necklaces both big and smaller, 
bracelets and
then many reasons to get a manicure. 
the wash of the sadness is part of life i am sure. 
however, i feel yo-yo'ed all over the place by it all. 
perhaps my feet will get back under me and support the burgeoning need for fresh flowers and fresh jewelry. 
perhaps i am just overdue for the scent of crisp apples and newly sharpened pencils. 
i dunno.
something's gotta give. 

so off i am going to work on finding new paths to my own creative inner life. 
just as columbus sailed the seas. 
both of us in search of a little calm, 
a little terra firma, 
a little excitement blended with what the future holds. 


{fyi,  i may have some ring fever today.} 

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