Thursday, October 6, 2011

a brighter tomorrow... no matter what

i really hope tomorrow is a brighter day. 
today was gorgeous. 
all lovely light and sunshine and clear weather. 
it also heralded the death of Steve Jobs. 

sometimes when i am driving along and forget that i am supposed to be paying a lot more
attention to what i am doing, my daydreams sort of grab me and take me away. 
one of my recurring thought series includes what would 
George Washington 
think of life in America today?
first of all, the things he fought for so valiantly are taken for granted. 
but in really good ways i think, at least most of the time. 
i know we could be better as countrymen and women.
when it comes right down to it, 
we seem to serve as  a moral compass for the rest of the world.
right or wrong, it is so. 
this is in spite of the sense that many other places accuse us of untold levels of greed, arrogance and entitlement. 
we, however, as americans take care of the rest of the world. 
we put our tax dollars, free speech and freely elected leaders where our mouths are . 
sometimes we even get it done and done right. 

george appreciate how women are these days?
would he see any substantive social changes and not freak out? 
would he appreciate that american is the stamp on things such as the invention of :
the light bulb
the internet
just what would he appreciate about how we have taken his world and made it ours?

i wonder all the time, what new breakthroughs can americans claim for our history books and making our lives easier?
i realize this is just the most glossy overview.
 i do occasionally remember to drive when i am behind the wheel.
  the daydreams need to be put aside for me to survive on the road. 
perhaps someday this will be a legitimate study on my part. 
i have a dogleg path to perhaps writing a book,
 teasing this premise into more fully formed 
and cogent prose. 
mostly, it is a tentative stepping in and out of a curiousity
 that in all likelihood will never be fully formed. 

but that is me. 
i am not always the most dedicated to following through. 

what i do admire though, 
is that there has been a crevice in our country's fabric.
one that a drop of water was able to make its way through. 
one that may have aided in the formation of a grand canyon sized idea. 
i like to think that Steve Jobs was that drop of water. 
and my absolutely preferred computerized world is his grand canyon. 
every person is better for his having made the effort to channel. 
his daydreams into life changing realities. 

my gratitude is deep. 
what his ideas, enactment of ideas and hiring of thinkers to flesh them out have  
created a rich world. 
a helpful world. 
i love him for making hints so intuitive and friendly to other like-minded,
 thick-headed people like me. 
 the world filled to its brim with admirers. 

yet i who love old things more than most... 
love all of my apple products. 
unreasonably so many days. 
and they are all due to the genius 
and dedication and discipline that were harnessed 
by mr. STEVE "johnny appleseed" JOBS. 
he spread ideas like seeds.
or made it possible for the rest of us to do that for ourselves.  
i thank him for every single one of them. 
even the ones i will never understand or know about. 
they are helping someone somewhere. 
i am confident of that. 

farewell and if i can, i hope to meet you someday amongst the puffy clouds. 


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