Friday, October 14, 2011

dog hair, chains and clutter

i wish i could say that i lived like an architect. 
i used to practice like one.
now i seem to embrace my constant hoarder.
it is nothing internal... it is all out there for the world to visit. 
my social interactions are lessened by my need for friends to take me at my word. 
i just can't let them see the real clutterist that i have become. 
it is from real life being lived here. 
real life i tell ya. 
not the stuff we used to stage for portfolio photographs. 
stuff that we could arrange as we liked, 
using filters on 
single lens reflex cameras. 
the ones with the uber sexy, 
robert redford in a trenchcoat from the 70's kind of way. 
the looks that were achieved from learning how to jiggle and adjust the few dials on top of the cameras to achieve the most carefully composed 
and wonderful images. 
the kinds that if you were lucky, you could send in to potentially have published in a fantastic magazine. 
the architectural ones like 
"Progressive Architecture" 
or for more interiors based professionals 
there were "INTERIORS" magazines.
boy did those folks know how to stage things well. 
borrowed, begged and stolen for  documenting our 
maximally rendered drawings to executed fabulous buildings. 

now it is more about stuff like trying not to be pea sensitive as a princess. 
i dislike wearing shoes in the house. 
this allows me to walk barefoot. 
and catch quite a sharp bead relocated errantly and accidentally
or a jump ring
or a snippet of chain. 

so in spite of having more than just a few irons in the fires... 
and messes on the counters,
the husband is requesting a section of the basement to be returned to his domain. 
i think he is extra greedy. 
but he thinks the same of me. 
i have been co-opting his drill press bench. 
and rightfully so. 
he uses a burner on my fantastic stove daily.
 i am happy that he uses that.
 it keeps him both happy and lightly occupied. 
so for now, i will need to apply myself to the task at hand,
 of finding some boxes to put lots of small findings corraled as i clear and clean up the space i just got both neat and organized. 
the only one of that kind at all under my solitary purview. 
i guess most things are really just in the timing. 
and i am notorious for inconvenient timing. 

now it is time to crash and burn after an entire, long, exhausting day of packing up 
many old and un-coralled jewelry items to get ready to send them out or post them in other orders. 


please, be warned that i have not as yet read this mess through to edit, alter and appropriately check for content or grammar.
reading it is at your own risk.
i need sleep badly,
and tomorrows seem to come way too quickly.
there is hockey, field hockey and instructional hockey in play at 7 a.m.
i am just the walrus and chauffeur.
nighty night. 

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