Monday, October 17, 2011

tv is my friend...

we have been without tv for weeks now. 
my husband broke first. 
he went and got a tv converter box. 
this is because we have tv's that do not have internal digital conversion elements.
we are anachronists through and through. 
that and we are frugal most of the time. 

it is because of the tv freedom, i discovered the love of hulu. 
granted, this doesn't really make me tv-free, 
but it allows me to catch a lot less ads as i try to catch up on this season's opening shows
as well as some i never saw cause they were on cable. 
we have never had cable. 
in spite of the revolution in watching shows developed for this venue...we never were able to see what all the fuss was about 
hulu has leveled that playing field somewhat. 
now if i could only get PBS and masterpiece theater on my schedule, that would be an act of religious magnitude.

i've missed a lot of stuff... and you must know exactly how important it is to my social iq. 
i mean pop culture acumen. 
i like having some way to cross communicate with my kids, 
since they don't get my old fogie references. 
we need some commonality and context to frame our conversations. 

for years they hadn't gotten my seinfeld comments. 
nor did they appreciate how i identified with elaine. 
her thinking she was low maintenance, in spite of her in fact being the definition of very high maintenance to all those around her.
yep, that is me. 

all things considered, i am back on my steady diet of one hour shows, 
re-runs of "the office" and my new favorite show,"suits".
there are fresh protagonists in masterpiece theater...
ones that make me wish for more, more, more. 
however, i shall try to be patient. 
it will not be easy. 

in other time chunks, 
between the resolution of the first field hockey season, 
{tess looked up the rules on google and decided that she would be a varsity player her first  season. i doubted her. fool that i am. she is playing swing for both j.v. and varsity. scoring goals for each team. i am very proud of her and ashamed of myself for any doubt i fostered}
the overlap with ice hockey season resuming, 
{field and ice hockey games are at the same times... yikes!}
the start of instructional hockey at GPYHA
{greater Providence youth Hockey Association}
{home away from home for my husband+ my youngest as hubby tries to hook her into it. }
and referee season. 
{the boy came home for the second weekend in a row.}
{this was to re-up as a level two ice hockey referee.}
it makes little sense to go for a level 3 ref classification, cause until he is 21, he can't ref high schoolers. so he will keep up with what he has already done well.  
{hopefully, he will pick up some games during the holidays.} 

my eldest and her roommate who is awesome, went to the big apple to enjoy the 
new york comic con 
she has not filled me in completely yet, 
but she did develop a small crush on mark hamill while she was there. 
he is apparently a truly nice guy and also has been "luke skywalker" for many years.
also she and her roomie who scored the tickets to comic-con... however you spell that...
went to the exit area of the theater to see 
daniel radcliffe
as he had completed his performance 
on broadway in
"how to succeed in business without really trying" 
i squealed a little when she texted me that. 
my husband just asked who daniel radcliffe is. 
see what i mean. 
only one of us stays relevant. 
the other can skate. 
i do draw the line at rap and hip-hop.

in the mean time, i feel out of sorts. 
i can't put my finger on it at all. 
i spent a sweaty and tiring summer in Providence. 
long hours spent making flowery jewelry, and now i am out of the loop. 
it is nearing holiday show season and i have little to show for my time. 
yet, i have been working a lot. 
the past two weekends, i went to shows just to see if i want to do them. 
i went to the scituate RI art festival. 
it was a mob scene mixed with carnival life. 
could not get any grip on that. 
then went to SOWA the next day.
to RISD alumnae show yesterday.
i thought i would blog on about these three shows, but don't really feel the love i should. 

like i said, i feel out of sorts. 
and i have no idea what is up with that. 
perhaps after i finish the last two silver chain necklaces that were tonight's obsession, with a side of PBS mystery...
well i will feel more accomplished. 
tomorrow, when the light returns, 
so will some photos. 
i am loving the look of the chain and flower combo.
it was one of my earliest summer necklaces, and i let it go  by the wayside. 
shame on me. 
i got excited about making some other things and forgot to replace the ones i sold. 
really, i am happy to be doing what i am doing, 
i just feel out of sorts. 

so i bid you night night. 
i think i can catch an episode of "Castle" on hulu as i work through another necklace. 
just need to find that box of silver chains i squirreled away. 


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