Tuesday, October 4, 2011

monday rolls around again

nothing fresh and new is on my plate and wanting for attention. 
i feel a little out of sorts when this happens. 
it is simply an occasional thing. 
after setting up and breaking down and spending time making stuff like a crazy person, 
it is now time to recuperate. 
i took today off to refresh my batteries. 
i really did so little. 
this allowed me to make dinner around 4 pm... at a time when i am usually freewheeling 
around town looking to pick up my kids from after school activities. 
now my husband picks up the only one still in the house on his way home from work. 
this leaves me with time to check out stuff to do... a rare thing. 
i get to pick out what is a diversion from my usual to-do list of stuff. 
i have in front of my mind's eye some statement necklaces. 
it also could not hurt to load up on holiday style inventory. 
but it seems that a nesting bug has again bitten me. 
realistically, that starts with cleaning house. 
no fun there really. 

but if i chuck some junk out, i can perhaps put some new stuff in the space created. 
a girl can dream right?
last week, i began. 
i knew that there was a huge upcoming show that i needed to ready for. 
events had of course interceded. 
i decided that the only outcome would be for me to figure out where our family lies with a few of our bigger bills. 
also, it is worth mentioning, that some of the clutter in this here house, is created by not throwing old bill statements out. 
i sorted the 4 large and paper heavy piles on the piano into groupings. 
what is next to do, is sort those into more manageable piles. 
my husband has for many many years now, entertained the electric/gas company, the water company, the sewer people, phone bill and other valuable utilities. 
in his eye, he is a little guy. 
he deserves all the service these companies can render unto him. 
of course, this only works under certain conditions.
 these are generally created by timely, organized , sensibly budgeted people. 
people who have a steady income of some kind. 
not hairy, artists living on some roller coaster edge and scrambling from payment to payment for services rendered. 
i think of hubby often in these situations as 
it is doubtful that he has read this play, cause if he had, he would understand how i have drawn similarities between his character and that of the dreamy, yet misadjusted 
Senor Quixote 
his own bad self. 

tomorrow i am charging myself to go through one large pile of utility statements. 
i plan to toss the extra paper into the half filled paper shopping bag. 
those useless envelopes that are included for payment of bills... in spite of the dreaminess of on-line, paperless payments. 
in my head, i see a stack of twelve pieces of paper. 
it is the year of 2010's statements... neatly put into order. and stapled together. 
it ought be sandwiched between 2009 and 2011 in progresso. 
what my head says and my dreams say, are of course two totally different things. 
i may in fact take the oldest statements and build me a paper wreath from them. 
i am just as fed up with these companies coming down on us little folks. 
and doing it because the computer told them to do it. 
i swear, they make me feel as if i am watching a comedy bit by 
the one where weekly, he dressed in drag and used one of his catch phrases:
"the devil made me do it!"

so imagine this style of pretty wreath made from my utility statements. 
i sure am doing just that. 

and now for something completely different... 
i am off to sleep now. 

night night...

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