Saturday, October 8, 2011

sleep vs. discipline

wrestling a sleeping child from a toasty bed is dangerous work. 
it is on par with the career pitfalls of an alligator wrestler. 
at least i think so. 
some of the danger of awakening my girl tessie, 
is in being treated to supersonic 
almost inaudible 
peals of whining. 
you know the kind... the ones like silent dog whistles. 
and then there is the emotional contribution. 

do i care?
not a bit. 
but there is the fact that she is the goalie. 
rarely over the years has there been anyone that could step in and take her place. 
it is her place too. 
ok, and beyond the fact that everyone else relies on her, 
there is the aspect that she loves it once she is on the ice. 
she makes us proud. 
because she is quite good at tending that little piece of real estate. 
mostly, it is her hook to get some reduced college tuition
{at least we hope so.}
finally perhaps, it is also that she has been doing it for a few years now.
it is one of those things that develops both character and discipline. 
as oprah said the one time i was listening, 
"you only get discipline from actually doing stuff"
or something like that. 
i am likely paraphrasing that, 
but i think you might get the message. 

as she does her time in the frosty rink, 
which is significantly colder than the world outside, 
i will be enjoying a cup of coffee and a magazine. 
holding stead until i can crawl home back into my own lair
 to sleep the just sleep of a hockey mom. 
and i know, she will be doing the same probably. 
"same as it ever was...same as it ever was..."
{thank you talking heads}


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