Saturday, October 29, 2011

feeling lazy

i posted this diatribe last night and am now trying to repurpose the thing 
that my crashing computer did not auto-save. 
these are the breaks when you live by technology. 
sometimes it is not as helpful as a pencil and paper. 

so my thoughts were all over the place the past few days. 
the scatteredness of it all was due to my husband being at home. 
whyyyyyy pray tell?
i had not invited him. 

he was experiencing some light-headedness. 

so day one was ok. 
he fell asleep sitting up, tried to nest on the sofa and finally went to bed. 
day two
he got out of bed once the kid had been taken to school. 
he sniffled. 
he ate loud crunching things. 
he watched old fart station tv. 
all that there was to see was the re-runs of westerns. 
gunsmoke, big valley, bonanza, daniel boone. 
on a good day, i prefer anything over these selections. 
since he was not feeling well, i tolerated them. 
day three. 
more sniffling. more munching. more faux cowboys. 
more interwoven weenies and strong willed nuns.
and my patience was wearing thin. 
 any guy feeling ill for more than the ten minutes it takes me to throw up and clean the bathroom is just pushing his luck. 
i hate when my husband gets sick. 
he makes it into a massive drama. 
and to be perfectly honest, i thought he was faking. 
or as he likes to say, he was quite possibly "milking it". 
i must say in addition to putting a crimp into my daily activities,
his uber comfy grey sweat pants were driving me wild with desire. 
i really wanted to throw those ugly suckers out!
and you know  i never throw anything away really. 
so my buttons were getting pressed into overdrive. 

i went to the basement to work. 
the relocation served to do two major things. 
get some stuff made and get away from the irritations on the first floor. 

i made some brooches. 
the colors are a pretty big divergence from my normal palette.
i think i like them a lot too. 
usually, i have a little internal discussion about whether i am on the right track or not.
this is due to the working alone factor. 
i need to be my own toady to get things done sometimes. 

and some rings. 
both large and small. 

i was all kinds of excited to put the rings on these boards. 
they are "vintage" from when folks used to do some gluing at home. 
there used to be quite an industry around here, 
where piece workers were making things for manufacturers. 

the little niceties such as setting rhinestones and gluing up stuff,
 were one of the purposes of these 2 slotted wooden trays that i snagged. 
unfortunately, they did not work particularly well for me. 
i wanted to try to use them for shows to display my rings nicely. 

i loved the patina that had accrued to an age-enriched brown color. 
the kind that only regular use and time passing
would create.  
 still removal of a lot of glue dabs on the other sides  is needed to make the boards worth anything to salvage for my original design intentions. 
{now can i get an at home couch-bound carpenter to help a girl out???}

this is perhaps my favorite new big flower ring. 
i genuinely dislike brown usually. 
i guess i am growing into a more organic palette and evolving preferences. 
and yes, i added a small edging of golden paint to the edges of this after i took this image. 
perhaps we need a pic of what it looks like
 on my time patinated hands to show how cute it looks?

so back to the lazy factor. 
the reason i started to write this to begin with. 
i was hiding out in the drill press area of the basement. 
it is my husband's drill press and shop.
i have taken over a rather nice chunk of real estate surrounding his press. 
he uses it every week or month. 
i use it now daily. 
and in a marathon work session. 
by the photos above, you might surmise i had a productive day. 
accurately so. 

i did experience a ridiculous internal conversation. 
i had been connecting a lot of flower parts together to make
fresh rings and brooches for other projects, 
my wholesale orders. 
what happened was somewhere in between connecting things,
i realized that i needed to change one set of press tools for a small 1/6" drill bit. 
unbelievably, in that solitude, i kind of balked. 
am i now giving myself lip about my own needs? 
who am i kidding? 
sense won out and i buckled down to do the minute long task. 
and i spent a few minutes berating myself after that, for considering such 
finely honed laziness. 

later i went to get the widget child. 
she was done with her daily dose of hockey and needed a ride home. 
so i strapped on my big girl attitude and set out to get her. 
i was appalled. 
on the mini-highway 
or local racetrack in this area... route 6 / 10, i got cut off.
more than once.... grrr. 
the usual rhode island crapole. 
the kind where someone is daydreaming and forgot to pay attention to their exit. 
the one that they take 2 times a day. 
the one that can sneak up on you. 
and yes, since it does sneak up very quickly, loads of locals feel just fine when they cross 
two lanes of traffic to exit the roadway. 
 really, none ever get turned on. 
and other drivers feel their way through traffic armed with
extra sensory perception 
skills from learning to drive bumper cars at a carnival. 
gosh i just love driving here. 
and then i had my epiphany. 
i realized that they were not driving badly out of malice.entitlement. or bad manners.  
it was just that they were too lazy to turn on their turn signals. 
head slap. 

i think lazy behavior is partly learned,
but there may also be something transferrable from the waters of the scituate reservoir. 
we all drink it,
so maybe it is affecting us. 

here is the third sample of how lazy i know things are  becoming normal fare. 
in between drill press bouts  and husband ague, i was above basement level. 
this needs to happen periodically, since no one else here has ever taken or heard of 
you know, the class where some kindly teacher shows you the rudiments of 
sewing a button on, making an apron, even sewing a zipper into place using a machine? 
also you get to make popcorn balls and learn proper time tested techniques for 
washing dishes well. 
it can be done both by hand 
and now since i am an adaptive critter, by dishwashing machine too. 
so i was cleaning up from the morning toast/tea/cereal on the counter clutter and saw a fresh circle of hell in front of me. 
there was a 3/4 empty large jar of peanut butter already in progress. 
no one bothers to put it in the cupboard, since it is in regular use. 
there was a little sister, only one time used jar of pb as well. 
both were smooth. 
so i asked mr. couchspud, why there were two jars currently taking up counter space 
"side by each", as they say in these parts. 
i was told in complete sincerity, that husband dearest found it harder to get any pb out of the larger jar, so he started a new jar instead. 
holy shit!
a new winner for the use of laziness in day to day living. 
really, i believe that requires repeating. 
{genuinely, i try not to cuss on this blog. sometimes, it is merited.}
so i took out a rubber spatula and put the 1/4 jar remaining into the newly opened jar, 
swirled the two pb's together
went back to the basement. 
sometimes it is just too much for me to bear. 
i know. this is marriage. 
and it is not the big fights that wear you out. 
it is the little odd insignificant weird day to day stuff 
that grinds you down. 
just plain laziness. 
and we are all prone to it. 


when the light returns and the sun is hiding from the expected nor'easter 
that is 
significantly predicted...even perhaps accurately so...
perhaps i will have a shot to take some fresh photos of the nearly 30 pairs of earrings i fabricated today. 
oh yeah, i can tell you are setting your calendars for this huge event, 
my earring show and tell, that is. 
so i will brave the snows of october 
the 57 degrees inside of our house as well and 
you will be treated to that little demo of my vanity.
i hope you like the little darlings. 
i sure do. 
yellow squashy colors dallying with olive green and purples 
well... they speak of this season. 
no matter how out of whack it is. 

nighty night all. 

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