Friday, November 18, 2011

cameos and pearls

not everyone has a sweet friend who is a genuine bona fide Swede. 
i do. and i am pretty lucky for that.
on top of her long list of talents is her appreciation of my work. 
it makes my heart swell each time she compliments it 
and even more so when she requests something fresh. 
her husband asked me to help make her long-standing desire for a special necklace come true. 

she asked me to make her a necklace featuring her stash of cameos. 
they are both old and new pieces. 
the focal of the group is a juicy piece that was her grandmother's. 
i did not want to alter that if at all possible. 
so here is a congregation of her collected cameos,
a few little things i had, 
and some vintage glass pearls. 
also, i added some pieces of mother of pearl and some flattened disk mother of pearl beads. 
to these i added some free floating cameos. 
it is completely asymmetric.
i am uncertain if this will fit her delicate neck,
form into a nice free-standing sculpture, 
suit her taste. 
it remains unseen by the woman who requested it. 
and i remain a nervous nellie.

i added a very pretty oval marcasite and MOP brooch. 
the mother of pearl nearly glows with its own power pack.
the ability of light to break through its opacity is simply spectacular. 
i am sure that this alone is magical. 
the glitter created by the marcasites' glitter and the ruby colored stones that surround the vintage shell make this sing for me.

a masse of glass based pearls from the heyday of Miriam Haskell
also add a little something. 
it has a softened lustre and an inherent glow.

my fear is that it will not stand up to the radiance of Pernilla herself. 
must bring it to her to see if it is what she wanted. 
oh how much fun it is to be so completely neurotic. 

i am off to dog park out and deliver to the nearly birthday girl. 
wishing you all as much luck as i am hoping to have. 


i brought the necklace over to the lovely miss P and it was well received. 
i am just a worrier. 
here she is in a necklace that looks like it was made for her. 
oh wait, it was.

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