Wednesday, November 23, 2011

pre-holiday countdown

this is gonna be short and to the point. 
i am exhausted. 
i spent 3 hrs. driving around today and i haven't got that much time to fritter away. 
i know, i whine a lot. 
however, it is that whole turkey infused gluttony extravaganza in two days... 
what makes this insane for me, 
is that i have NO OVEN...
its thermal coupler breaks each year and has chosen to do it for this week with psychic timing. 

no one here even likes turkey...
which was fine with me. i hate fussing over the cooking and storing of the carcass. 
 so i wanted to make a rolled pork roast filled with apricots and rosemary
with the usual delish sides.

also i have a two day show that starts friday. 
two of my college kids are going to be home for this long weekend. 
one is planning on getting her braces off.
 {i went through this with my other child for 3 yrs. and know it will not happen this time. 
sorry sweetie... dr. S likes to get your hopes up for 6 months. and dash them until you can take no more}
i only owe about $2500. on that little endeavor. 

i am the only one who knows how to cook in this house. 
you can't turn around here without finding a cookbook or a magazine with a recipe in it. 
one would think some day, some one might be interested in learning a little about this. 
that day just is not here yet. 
so i am feeling as i expected,
totally frazzled. 

and you know, the more than  normal every day load of crazy that i usually tote around? 
the one that  comes with a full range of insanity of moods
and hot flashing? 
well these lead to 
you know, the look that is attributed to Albert Einstein or Reverend Al Sharpton?
all kinds of scraggly in a non- aural halo. 
sticking out forever and ending badly?
i own it. 
so sad. 
i met with my rep last week feeling so good and fully informed and having laughed and drunk herbal tea... keeping my moods etc. in mind?
well i had on a 3 inch ring of crazy hair. 

in some kind of kindred thought and ironic universal cosmic alignment, 
i found some copper plated steel barrettes last week when i went spelunking through jewelry findings
at my favorite haunt. 
on a total hunch and excitement driven whim, 
i got a bunch of these, just a gross. 
i like things in sets of 12.  

i should really be asleep.
 i am whipped and need some reserve energy for this weekend to be survived. 
however, i made a midnight sortie to the basement and my dear friend the drill press. 
i made a few experimental holes in several of my barrettes. 
then i riveted some of my hand colored flower components to the three samples that i prepped. 
in a word...

they worked out really well.
and i am keeping my girl-fro in check with one of the samples right now. 

also i made a new little necklace out of some fun vintage paper laminated luan plywood 
laser cut-outs. 
they feature old ballerina images and some vintage lucite beads and chains. 
i will photograph them tomorrow when light returns and i am semi-vertical.

i am totally stoked about these two new things in my jewelry line
... the big shew is on friday and saturday 
at the providence civic center.
i can't wait.

and yeah, the local urban coupon company selected my necklace pic to grace their
howly ship batman!!!

by the way... 
greater lucidity, may return 
although a partnering of sanity may not.
3 kids in house and husband too. 
not one is  credible as a helper. 
they already all have plans for the weekend
 and not one of them has asked if they could help me at all.
if i make money, 
i am going to buy an ipad.
there i said it. 
my needs are coming first for the very first time in ever so long. 
it is a working tool for my life and i have been working hard for a while now. 

night night 


  1. I want an ipad too. I think we should get ourselves one for Christmas but then I think of I really can't afford it and I probably won't get one. :(

  2. The ballerinas are adorable. Can't wait to see the hair things.

  3. if i can influence you in any way... there is an app for use with the square. it not only lets you take credit cards with built in wifi service... but the app lets you keep track of inventory as you sell it. i suspect you might like such a thing along with EVERYTHING else it does.
    dreaming and wishing,,, xow.