Sunday, November 13, 2011

getting ready for holidays

i feel like an anti-christ. 
(hopefully in a humorous neil gaiman kind of way).

so many of the bloggers that i read, 
are featuring the joyous outpouring of their talents 
and readying themselves for the holiday season. 
i am just all out whipped already. 
the holiday season is just around the corner and i am really NOT ready.
as a matter of fact, i feel a little bit like i haven't even started yet. 

it has been 'mentioned' here almost daily, that i am filling some orders for wholesale customers.  
they are nice and sorta small orders, so i think that they are easy. 
it is like rain. 
one or two drops is nothing. 
you get a teensy bit wet, but it is no biggie. 
add a whole lot of drops together and you get a puddle to jump in. 
add more and suddenly you need a sump pump for your basement. 
not that i have that many things to do, 
but it has recently been brought to my attention
 that i may have a small streak of perfectionism in my system. 
if i felt that i achieved some measure of accomplishment, 
that would surely feel fantastic. 
unfortunately, i am not feeling that level of success. 
what i am feeling is a little burned out. 

i suspect that a good vacation,
 one that is experienced out of my normal location, would be heavenly. 

the last official vacation mr. and i took, was in 1990.
i know this as it was the week i became pregnant with my first daughter. 
it has been a while ... and it is showing ... 
the grey in my hair is looking a little more 
like a page out of the  bride of frankenstein's style book these days. 
and yet, 

the overwhelming run of making charm bracelets all week, 
is taking its toll on my hands. 
after all, making one bracelet is like making 28 pairs of earrings. 
if that were what was in my inventory cut sheet, i would be swimming in the suckers. 
and i may yet. 
anyways, there have been 
3 emerald, 
3 ruby, 
2 plum, 
1 amethyst
and a couple of onyx 
bracelets created. 
it feels fantastic to be able to say that, but it is hard to measure properly in terms of hand cream 
and inventory on hand. 

i am in the process of paying $50  each week for a machine. 
it is to help me make these charms sorta easier. 
at least easier on my hands. 
it will be paid for soon enough, and i will persevere. 
i suspect it will be very influential in the way that i create fresh designs. 
cause you all know how very very much i like an abundance of anything. 
and everything. 
i have ideas about clusters of beautiful things all together as necklaces and bracelets. 
i can't wait to get to them. 

the last time i bought a machine, i rocked my own world. 
it would be simplistic to say it helped me make things easier. 
so let's just say i really do love this machine. 
 it has allowed me to create tons of much more mechanically elegant and structurally sound things. 
the fact that they are also quite pretty and unique to my vision, 
well that is a huge bonus. 
so the new machine will simplify life greatly. 
and i can't wait to move it into my uber-cluttered space. 

if i can back up a little, there was an article posted on facebook by one of my friends. 
it features a thirty-something aged woman
 who went to a very well respected school where she learned about interior design. 
in the post-graduation world she now is in, 
jobs are now a little more elusive than they ought to be. 
her response was to spend time and $400.00
to create a beautiful
weather tight

she built it herself and is planning to use it as a painting studio this fall and winter. 
during her summers, she intends to sleep in it. 
the thing about this is, the story was published in the new york times. 
if she is still unemployed after the buzz she attains from the article, i would be shocked. 
she stayed within the building permit and zoning constrictions of 
brooklyn, new york. 
and she stayed within budget. 
i feel envious of her obvious talents. 
and her ability to be flexible in the face of deterrents everywhere. 

so i am hopeful that i can get my mr. to consider a tree house for a retirement annex. 
by the time we are unable to retire, 
i at least would like to be painting. 
or something. 
in my own glassy treehouse. 

yesterday, i wrote about a few irons i had in the fire. 
one is the development of a necklace for a gorgeous woman who is a chef in Indonesia. 
she sent me a sketch of some of her ideas. 
which are her intellectual property. 
i would dearly love to make this in another colorway... all neon and vibrant. 
however, in deference to her design, 
i promised not to sell any other pieces made by her directives. 
the one she has requested is in its own 
black, copper and brass. 
now i am stopping mid-construction, to get her approval. 
this convenience of the internet  is also one that creates some difficulties. 
impatience is one for me. 
i fully expect to get an instant reaction to my work so far. 
even if the chef has a restaurant to run. 
so here is izzy's necklace in progress:
all kinds of gorgeous and full of potential. 

well it seems a good time to break out of this and hit the flower making machine in the basement. 
i need a few pairs of earrings like yesterday. 

see you soon. 

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