Saturday, November 12, 2011

four by fourteen...

my daughter has a fluid set of friends. 
at their core is a sweet bunch of them that started out at the same nursery school. 
now that they are all in high school, 
 they have reconnected and reconfigured. 

tonight i have 3 of them and my daughter in the house. 
two of them are bff's from middle school 
and the other two are another pair of bff's from another middle school. 
the end of this is that the two pairs have configured into a foursome. 
and now they are all enjoying each other and laughing it up
as well as suffering the pangs and exhilarations of freshman year at high school. 
three play sports and it is kind of sweet how they go to one another's games. 
they all went to homecoming together too. 
i am sure that it is more stressful for them than i think, but they seem to be taking it all in stride. 

now i think i would be tossing my cookies, if i were them,  since i made so much food. 
we had stovetop lasagna. 
and salad
and saltines as a pre-emptive snack. 
then there was chocolate cake 
{perhaps ice cream too...}.
there was a chick flick rented... 
and popcorn to go with that. 
tomorrow morning we have 
bagels and cream cheese, 
toast and nutella, 
and whatever else they may like. 
all i know is that i am feeding them and they have to supply the balance of the entertainment. 

my dog is insane. 
the joy of girls is making him giddy 
and he really wants to be in the middle of it all. 

i never did this for my other two. 
they just did not have the raucous friends that loved sleepovers. 
nor did we have as much space with them in the house. 
it is really great that this is happening now.
 i love the kids being in the house. 
more than their being out of it. 
this is the best way to have it happen right now. 

as soon as i think they are all tucked in to their respective beds/sleeping bags, 
i will adjourn to the basement to work on making some flowery compositions. 
there is a custom piece that i am working on. 
one of my most delightful customers, has requested that i create a necklace for her. 
it is already designed. 
she has an extremely clear vision of what it ought to look like. 
and i agree. 
it will kick ass. 
all black and copper and brass in flowers and beads. 
a choker with a draped cravate 
that J.Lo could have worn with her magically taped on plunging neck-lined dress. 
you know the one that made everyone gasp at its audaciousness 
as well as its perfection on her.

also my gorgeous friend Pernilla is coming by the slop house tomorrow
 to set a fresh piece into motion.
it is her birthday this week. 
her absolutely lovely husband is gifting her with a fresh necklace. 
she can wear absolutely anything too. 
gorgeous. to the NTH degree. 
her dream necklace is one made all with cameos. 
i am sure that i will probably make her swedish granny turn over somewhere, 
as i will be working her vintage personal cameo in as a focal element. 
this promises to be luxe beyond luxe. 

and finally i have a pearly draper to construct. 
a lovely woman needs her own birthday piece that will mirror this oldie but goodie.
she found it in my sold inventory. 
i have no idea why, but pearls really resonate with me. 
i suspect that it is from my 7sisters college experience 
and my need to reinvent the simple single strand of pearls. 
doesn't matter.
they are classics and any twist is just fine by me. 

also i am into these bracelets to a silly degree. 
i have made 8 of them. 
they are for orders and samples. 
and i still haven't gotten to the other colors. 
i want a bejeweled, bedecked, be-gemstoned color collection. 
perhaps if i can keep at it, the onyx one will come together tonight. 
photos in the morning either way. 

so i bid you nightly sweet thoughts. 

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