Thursday, November 10, 2011

physics, einstein and jewel-toned bracelets

a few days have passed since i last tried to write something about my world. 
i guess the short answer is that i've been just too damn busy to get to this nicely. 
not that i always get to things well or describe them aptly,
but i like to try. 

so i have had a lot of random thoughts. 
i wanted to watch some junk tv last week.
by this i mean i wanted to watch 
"Doc Martin". 
lest you think i am a total beavis and butthead fan,
 i would like for you to know my choice was on PBS. 
it is also a lot easier to wrestle the clickers from my husbands paws
 if there is a PBS show on the docket to be seen. 
he balked on this episode.
it was funny as a choice cause he looks forward to the curmudgeonly doc.
{identification with the character i assume?} 
when you are awake as many hours as i am and if you are tv addicted...
you are bound to see a lot of shows. 
and yes, i knew i had already seen the upcoming episode.

it is within my purview to give the mr. a hard time about this
... since he thinks he works hard and the clicker is his. 
not even close. 
i like to let him think this is true. 
between us,
just know i let him pursue this line of thought,
so i get control when i really want it.

so back to what he wanted to watch...
it was a "NOVA" episode. 
it was one from this season,
 where some physicist narrator reports on what is
(escaping name issue with familiar swiss cheesy brain)

I took physics in college, not in high school. 
it was part of the essential list of courses deemed important to my major. 
so i took the course referred to as:
"physics for poets".

now i should tell you,
i might just as well have had a face mask and body cloak all through high school. 
my parents were shall we say a little strict?
{i have nothing but respect for the women who live under the guidelines of the Taliban...}
they also had expectations based on my homebody personality. 
if i wanted to have a social life,
 they were to know absolutely NOTHING about it. 
so i had a secret life. 
 when i finally got to college, i spent a significant amount of time at a specific fraternity. 
they had a party and a keg or two every wednesday night. 
reflect on the memories of the movie 
"animal house".
it was written about a certain frat house at the male college nearby my alma mater. 
i tell you this, as a precursor and line up of all of my issues with physics. 
my class met at 8:30 on thursday mornings. 
needless to say, it was a more challenging course than i might have liked ...
and yet i was able to learn some stuff.
in spite of the repercussions of boys, a kick ass jukebox and some beer the night before. 

i also took math courses. 
i did it so that my own brand of a homeland security team could not comment on my academic life. 
my mom was an english professor with an american lit specialty.
she also taught college professors how to teach writing to students. 
her feeling was that my writing was all sorts of bad. 
then my step-father rounded out the team as a high school drop-out. 
he had been in business for himself pretty much since he was 16. 
he had a very successful boat business and later went on to start a second business 
as a small craft manufacturer. 
the idea of butting heads with these two was overwhelmingly god awful. 
my strategy was to then take up science and math. 
i knew they did not have any skills at a higher level that could be used to criticize my performances. 
so math and biology and chemistry and physics became my language. 
hangovers be damned. 

when i took math, i started with 3 semesters of calculus. 
it made little sense until that 3rd chapter. 
and then it happened. 
something actually resonated with me. 
i understood something and how it may apply to what i was doing other than hiding out intellectually. 
there was that beautiful graphing of a saddle point. 
i have NO idea now what it referred to. 
since this time in my life i have become increasingly and admittedly more stupid. 

ok, perhaps more artistic which is really in my true nature.
{the stupid is related to both having children +currently feeling the memory loss related to menopause.}
regardless, somehow some of the math and the science lessons started to itch 
in a different part of my brain recently. 
ironically, i found myself thinking about it all the night before the big clicker wars. 
while the mr. was clutching his clickers and dozing off,
i was following the show. 
the beginning gambit discussed led quickly into albert einstein's theory of relativity. 
i actually understood the baby bird regurgitations being expressed. 
{ of course that moment of flash has passed, as you must remember, i grow stupider with every passing moment of menopause and age. }

so i asked my mr. why if he likes this stuff so much
{ all the stuff he forces us to watch in the hope for greater personal growth. }
also i wanted to know why he didn't even try to take physics when he went to college. 
he said the initial math was too hard
and he just walked out of the back of the classroom almost as quickly as he had entered it. 
i know how stubborn he is. 
i know how stubborn i am. 
one might think he would have gotten something out of it. 
what happened was, i did. 
never thought anything about it before. 
the info has been inappropriately located in my brain someplace. 
it should have been in his. 
oh well. 
it is good to learn all the time. 
this time i gained some insight into the mr.'s expectations and experiences. 
{none of his lack of academia is a reflection on his smarts. he just was the 4th of 9 pregnancies.
not easy to get any attention in that environment. particularly with his especially crappy family.}
in the interest of solving the mysteries of why i watch these things 
and precisely how interesting i find them, 
i have a tray of jewelry constantly in use. 
this time i was working on a series of charm bracelets. 
these are for the holidays,
both for  
shows and wholesale orders.
my work amuses and delights me. 
this is very good thing to have happen. 
i do still think about space in terms of the meaning that physicists enjoy and pursue.
also i enjoy it in the manner that i can collect disparate things to recompose into other formations. 
now i feel it is a question of relocating stuff to fresh combinations and leaving the space around them slightly altered for that effort.
{see i was listening pbs.}

this week yielded some charm bracelets. 
they featured both flowers and beads as charms. 
most of my wholesale customers are just tweaking and sweating a little
thinking of what value a flower might have 
at this time of the year. 
well, i know that the flowers have a purpose, they really do. 
and i am smitten with my most jewel-toned collection of bracelets.
i know it is maybe a tad smug on my part, but then again... you know how much i love my flowers.
and colors.
and shapes.
and textures.
and story telling.
they are nearing monochromatic over-indulgence on my part... 
but then that is my prerogative. 
i am taking advantage of that too. 
here are a few of them
i may have pushed good taste and all, but i named them for gemstones,
since we are in the high days of the holiday season.
if you can't fantasize about wearing the crown jewels now, then when can you?

amethyst copper rose

ruby copper rose

plum copper rose

emerald copper rose

perhaps on my next entry, i will show you the sapphire, topaz, diamond and onyx variations rolling around in my head...
just like sugar plum fairies. 

time to reclaim my work tray and some fresh jewels. 

xoxo. w

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