Wednesday, November 23, 2011

say thank you wendy...

not to gloss over the thanksgiving experience...
but it is in an inconvenient spot for me this year. 
as i was freaking out about all that there is to do,
my mr. suggested that we buy ready made dinner stuff. 
his rationale was that it couldn't possibly be too hard
to get a turkey breast to throw into the oven.

i may well have been a chicken in another life. 
i have a fondness for many of their images and  their tasty dishes. 
i have also noted that i am a wicked grinder.
maybe i have a crop to grind with?
i grind on about anything until some resolution can be achieved. 
this time,,, 
with the fact that i have no time and loads of things to do, 
my grindings resulted in the memory of a service that stop and shop provides. 
if you order a turkey dinner, they will put one together for you. 
it being the day before... i thought i must have missed this shot. 
still, i tried. 
and they were unfortunately out of the meals for four, six and eight. 
they did have one left for 2 people. 
i asked if they had more of the twosies and was able to order 3 of those. 
now i have dinner all ready except for green looking stuff, yams and chips. 
they included:
turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and acorn squash.
apple and pumpkin pies too. 
this was all done in one hour and for $75.oo
completely done and lots less than than i usually spend on fixing food folks grouse about.
i am so happy i have recouped my day. 
time saved, money saved, sanity saved.
i feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. 
a rarity in my life. 

so after dinner tonight, 
there will be fresh crops of 
barrettes too. 
i am getting happier by the minute. 
just thought i might share that. 

to keep the joy of being me moving along... 
all three of my kids are home. 
on top of that, the stove has been fixed and my daughter got her braces off today. 
all sorts of joyous things. 

new ballerina necklaces too. 

 i realize that i showed these yesterdays updated blog, but it is worth repeating. 
'cause that is how happy i am right now. 

now off to check on the chicken in the oven with loads of herbs and crusty crispy skin, 
rosemary baked potatoes
and sweet potatoes for tomorrow's festivities. 

have a swell holiday everyone. 

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  1. I've bought a ready made Thanksgiving dinner like that and it was good. I think I lived in a small apt at the time and it was just better to buy it.