Thursday, December 1, 2011

catching up

the world has remained in rotation since i last blathered on.
this is good news. 

i am sure that i left off somewhere in the silliness that i chronicle as my life. 
without other fuss, it is time to pick some things up where i may or may not have left off. 

this is the middle of the holiday show season for a lot of artisans.
last weekend i spent at a show in the Providence Convention Center. 
loads of people were really pissed that they did not sell much of their wares. 
i can totally empathize with this, but i had super sales.
enough so that i made back my table fees and could buy myself an iPad finally.
it has been on my radar since last summer and it has been lusted after significantly. 

when doing shows... it is a fantastic thing to have the option to take credit cards.
or debit cards. 
this will significantly increase sales no matter what is being sold. 
as i made the leap to do this and join in the modern world...
sales have improved steadily.
this is the goal after all, so i wanted more than anything to facilitate this process. 
my son helped me all summer at the farmer's market style shows.
he processed all of my credit card sales on his smart phone. 
i have the most elemental and basic phone. 
now that i have what may be an umbilical connection to a computer most of the time, 
needing a smart phone was not essential. 
no longer am i the person in the house on the phone all the time. 
i only really chew the fat with one friend. 
now i am in print on the net or in real time in face to face interactions.
so i got crazy with envy when i saw a fellow artist and her incomparable abilities
to document her life with her iPad.

there is a swiper that not only is free to users, but has an application for the iPad. 
it is gonna be my life saver over the next few weeks.
i am sure of that. 
i just need to take the pad out of its box and start to load its creamy goodness up.
really i can't wait. 
ok, i can wait, since it has been in the house for nearly half a day, 
but i need some help. 
my son has a two hour block of time that he set aside to share the setting up process with me.
i am unsure how i got him. 
also it is a huge mystery how he can direct me through all of the technological steps
 needed to make my world work efficiently. 
but he is flawless in his instructions. 
and i know that i am not always the most facile student.
my girls just lose their patience with me. 
(understandably so, most of the time). 
graham just has a line of e.s.p. installed or intuitively understands what i am missing 
and helps me fill it in without bloodshed.
this is a super good thing. 

so my new technological tool should help things flow if i can harness my own foibles. 
i am so looking forward to this. 
if i can increase my earning capacity, perhaps mr. poopiehead will chill out. 
my husband is not a techie. 
he is barely an anachronist. 
he is a grump when faced with any improvement
 that requires thinking from later than the turn of the century.
and most of the time this may be the 20th century that i am referring to.
this includes a lot of stuff, since smart technology has done nothing more than get smarter. 
i should have seen this coming. 
he was a lot more interested in hiding this aspect of his personality earlier in our relationship. 
now it is all quite undisguised. 
i got sucked in. 
may as well make the best of it for now. 

as for applications to my application... 
i am making some fresh jewels to add to my inventory sheet. 
these will be seen on the pad with photos, yet to be taken. 
and i will be able to touch a photo of an item, add tax and accept a charge all in one transaction. 
i may wet myself in joy over this. 
also i will not need to ask to borrow my husband's smart phone to do any of this anymore.  
how cool is that? 
it sorta feels like the training wheels are off ...
or i got my driver's licence.

anyways, time to work on my unrepressed rage. 
i am off to play tennis with a bunch of women i don't know. 
hitting that little yellow fuzzy ball will do my stress a world of good. 
when i return, i will show off my new necklace... 
a reprised version of 
"victorian sensibility".
an all white and metal and pearly statement 
with sparkle and vim and steely strength. 
hope you like it. 

i may even get to load some images into my iPad if i am clever today too.
somehow, this has been elusive as a skill with my iPod so far.
it may well be translatable if i can get my iTunes education updated.

until then, here are some photos from my weekend at the convention center under the flag of

flower rings
displayed on plain ole perfume bottles in a printers tray. 

the necklace tableaux

mixed goings on
with my pliers in use

some earrings and charm bracelets

let's keep adding more flowery earrings... 

and some of my very cheerful styling ladies.
this was one of jennifer's friends...I'm sorry i never got your name. 
nor did i get your name either. 

miss julie, hiding behind her purse...
with a pin on it...

here is michelle getting silly with her new chain bracelet

sue trying my necklace on... 
and having it look oodles better on her than me.

but gleefully settling in on this farmstand beauty for her birthday. 

well, for tonight, that's all folks...


and a quick little shout out to my friend kelly p. 
on the joyous arrival of her newest baby 
welcome to the world 
mr. Calvin P!


  1. Wendy!! It's Elisa from Basil and Lola on Etsy (your fellow Rhody friend) I'm preparing for a craft fair on Sunday, so naturally it's 2:30am and I'm in FIERCE procrastination mode. Anyway I saw your twitter post which led me to your blog here. Your jewelry looks TO DIE FOR on these ladies!! It just brightens up everything around it! Also you make me laugh. "graham just has a line of e.s.p. installed or intuitively understands what i am missing and helps me fill it in without bloodshed." Ha. You're great. Just wanted to say hello! Have happy holidays!! xE

  2. i miss you elisa! are you still on the west coast? or have you returned to where you started from? good luck on your show.... and managing your disease. i call it "show prep anxiety disorder". thanks for the note... love and hugs sweetie!