Tuesday, December 27, 2011

white on white...

my dog is the only dog i can imagine
 that everyone in the family begs to have come sit on the sofa with them. 
he is a funny critter as all pets are to their owners. 
greatly beloved as he is, 
there is also a very gentle side to the beast. 
i can leave a necklace on the arm of a chair overnight
 having it remain in the exact same place
even if he has curled up for a night's rest or a puppynap. 
he can tiptoe around delicately placed things in a way one might not expect...
from a 73 pound pet. 
wish i could say the same about my own ham-fisted abilities
or those of my kids. 

even with his unruly long hair, things do not get moved often. 
there is the occasional tail wagging and exuberance 
that can catch poorly placed findings with his tail, but i think that is my fault.

he was napping this morning and he looked so sweet with my newest floral necklace. 
i did the ridiculous doting pet owner gratuitous photograph. 
sorry for the sap...
it is the season for it's running.

the necklace needs some rhinestones to be set into the centers of the flowers. 
loads of pearls from the sixties made with glass and plastic bases.
oh how miriam haskell must be rolling in her grave with this application of glass pearls. 
such clever, graceful and elegant uses of similar materials,
 made her work known the world over.
oh well, that is the task of a trendsetter. 

in deference to the non wintry weather outside,
 here is an example of some wintry whites. 
{and other very pale tones}. 

so back i go to my other white necklace... 
many strandings of pearls, 
layers of those glass based goodies 
and a few mother of pearl additions. 
something for a very elegant friend of mine. 
i hope she will enjoy it .
i missed the photo op today, since the days are uber-short ...
and i have been sleeping late. 
{this flu and nyquil are holding me hostage,}
{yet i am happily beholden to the joy of sleep and recovery}

happy days and dreams of white, 
new beginnings 
and simple 
life palettes.


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  1. Beautiful white necklaces and a great looking dog. I have that creeping crud too. Have only had it a day and want it to go away already.