Sunday, December 18, 2011

holiday shopping... here i come!

if i had to guess, 
i bet everyone is out there doing some shopping for their friends, family and secret santas. 
not me. 
i think i am due to self gift. 
it is not my norm, but somehow,
 i think some pretty markers are going to be one of my next collected items. 
i am feeling like a little bit of colorized doodle therapy may be needed. 
or else a way to let some of my jewelry sketches 
get more organic. 
line weight.

for this i must brave the crafting stores. 
peace on earth 
be present there.

or else, 
my inner hockey mom 
may be unleashed. 
i hate that when it surfaces. 
loudness potential, sumo wrestling stances and whining. 
or else, 
the real exemplification. 
total politeness and moving away from the conflict.

hope and love will reign as i select a fistful of pretty pens. 
maybe a few for the digital art and comic book major too. 


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