Thursday, December 29, 2011


currently has my interest. 

really there ought to be more stuff that is valuable on my plate, 
but my regular and worthy place to get inspired closed this year.
i still curse the managers (aka fools) at Borders Bookstores.
what were they thinking? 
there are loads of people wandering around at whole foods, nodding in sympathy at one another. 
it is like a takeoff from the movie "The Sting". 
we all recognize each other and put our forefingers to our nose sides in that acknowledgement. 
not that we ever made voluntary eye contact when we were reading 
in the Border's Cafe or anything.

now i need to fight traffic, 
driving miles to get to the next nearest super-sized bookstore.
yep, as into computer life and surfing the internet as i am,
i am a huge magazine addict. 
i need photos ... pretty, styled and dreamy photos. 
the stories that go with them. 
the words of folks that have found them. 
the stories of the people that created the staging or the lifestyles that the pics are taken of. 
i need the feel of turning pages. 
i need stylists.
and yeah, i need to get out of the house. 

ok, i can get the best magazines that i fawn over delivered directly to my house. 
they call those subscriptions. 
i have a couple... but i limit my ingestion of them. 
eventually i become more addicted to keeping them intact. 
more so, than i am to clearing out the space they take up. 
let's face it. 
i am a lot smarter (in my head) when i have oxygen getting to my brain. 
too many stored mags seem to use up the space that could be used for regenerative O2.

my twofer experience is getting out of the house to a bookstore.
i prefer those with a massive collection of soft silky seductive house decorating content. 
that and an interesting craft section.
i often can't find a good chunk of time to do that two part coffee swilling and page turning.
i need to plan my time out better.
that is not an easy task.
i put out fires for a living.
{mostly, this is known as independent work and motherhood.}

a quick way i can merge some thankless task and my own desires is to grocery shop.
i get out in the world,
change up my environment or comfort/aggravation zone,
 replenish the foraging needs of in-house locusts,
{2 teens +1 twentysomething + the mr.}
and voila,
the magazine racks in the checkout aisles. 
sometimes, i pick a longer check-out line purposely.
this is done just so i have a smidge of time so i can page the glossy 
it serves to whet my taste for a real good set down at a bookstore.

 i am full on, house-potted for hours each week.
our automotive stylings and crapmobiles cause us to share the one working car a lot. 
with this part of my regular lifestyle,
which is fine for the most part, 
i like to get out and drool over magazines. 
(and hardcover books too).
sometimes, i get a little testier than i like if i have been at home for too long. 
now i am splitting my home incarceration periods with pinterest. 

it is a very, very clever thing. 
i have a nifty collection of things that i look through daily.
i enjoy putting  more on my pinterest boards
and of course i screw up all of the categorizing of those pics.  
heaven knows, i haven't a clue as to what any of it is good for.
 i do get to put other folks' photos into a nice virtual filing cabinet
so i can drool over them at another time.

equally, i find myself 
 just a little more inspired to remove some of the dust dinosaurs 
or spare puppy dog hair tumbleweeds.
as a real tribute to this i may even move some of my furniture around. 
baby steps... 
this is a nice table i enjoyed seeing here:

here are a few other things that i am wishing to be part of my own lifestyle. 
i guess i could clean up my house and make it more pinterest-worthy. 

seriously, i also wish i could take any of these photos. 
for now of course i will have to spend time ogling them on blogs
 and pinning them to my boards. 
i need a full body-sized infusion of talent, opportunity and vision to take these photos. 
some honing of time management skills would do me a world of good too.

basically, i need more time to get stuff done. 
in starting some of this fantasy living,
 i would love to stop feeling so overwhelmed about where to start from. 
perhaps if i really set my mind to it all in very small pieces,
 i can start living more of the life in the pics.
at the very least try to start that ball rolling. 

limit the(obsessive) time on pinterest...
and start cleaning a little; 
throw stuff out and categorize other stuff to store more efficiently. 
need fresh goals.
 and to be disciplined enough to stick to them
 for more than the time alloted to a gnat's attention span.

also, need go to sleep soon.
that makes it all happen.
well that and some oxygen. 

xoxo. w.

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  1. I have this goal this year, Wendy, now that I am done with school. I want to get Martha Stewart organized in all rooms of my house. Wishful thinking. I've already come up with a few plans, though. My closet drives me bonkers, so I have decided I'm going to do this novel thing...take out all the clothes that don't fit...CRAZY, right?! It's so overwhelming. Also, I'm considering ADHD meds. I need all the help I can get.