Thursday, December 29, 2011


on the subject of discipline. 
i have said it before and i will say it again. 
the only way to get any discipline in life is to just do it. 
i know this is true, cause i heard Oprah say it. 
and yeah, it is the one and only Oprah. 
so it has to be true. 

i am in the middle of the who knows and can count that high a number... 
night that is rolling over into day. 
no sleep. 
i am almost ready to do something about this. 
unfortunately, this is when i get a lot of really great ideas. 
for jewelry. for living with problems. for recipes. 
well for a myriad of things i am interested in. 
i have come to the conclusion, that i am more of a dreamer than a doer. 

i have friends that also have 3 kids and do so, so very much more on a daily basis. 
i am uncertain how it all gets done. 
i guess, they too adhere to that adage... 
i should too. 
after all, it isnt about the nike athletes now is it?
and my favorite temple has always been the one erected to the goddess 
Athena Nike. 
a sweet, petite lovely temple... and delicately perched on the acropolis. 
a view of the city of Athens below. 
simple ionic glory. 
ok, so i digress a little. 

fresh goals resulting from this sleepless ague i am indulging. 
1. i will clear off the green table next to the chair in which i do most of my work.
the purpose is to switch its location to my other side. 
this is no small task. 
our house is sweet and petite on its own bungalow style merits. 
all 932 square feet of it. 
this move will allow me to free up the space in front of the living room radiator. 
i have only seen my husband cry when his children were born.
this may create similar joy in his heart. 
with this ginormous move, i can remove the beautiful, but space-wasting cabinet 
that resides in the same spot as i want for my table. 
it is a really pretty mahogany two-tiered piece, 
originally intended for sheet music or record album storage. 
i use it for books, but it is not really very helpful and clutters up extra easily.
it is time to relocate it. 

2. as the game of  living room tetrus begins, 
i will have a chance to do two things. 
one is to repurpose the shaker stool from my grandmother's studio. 
it came from her home in Larchmont, NY. 
i have been enjoying waaaay too many dreams about that house this entire year. 
i have NO idea why, but to me, it is quite possibly 
the most perfect house. 
i spent many vacations in it with my grandparents... and really just loved it. 
the time with them and their home were gifts. 
part B of this Shaker stool episode is that i can paint it turquoise. 
i seem to be experiencing a lot of weird and unexpected  
images on pinterest and anywhere else i love looking at. 
they share my dear and abiding love of turquoise. 
i think that somehow, my grandmother might approve of this notion to refurbish
a small token from her life. 
especially since her son and nephew saw ways to separate our family 
items from my part of the family. 
i think of this episode in sharing as a major failure and will cover it more completely 
in a later posting. 
my family as said before has some stronghold on the issue of being crazy.
(do i mean stranglehold?)

3. after these two notions are worked on, 
i will have no further reason to ignor the development of actual work space. 
my studio still is not usable for all practical purposes. 
the mr. has agreed to let his drill press move to my studio. 
since i started to do some shows this year, i have had no space to shoehorn 
one more thing into the studio. 
yet i must. 
so the area i had hallmarked for sewing,
will become the new home for the drill press. 

this will allow hubby to reclaim his table and benchspace for his own carpentry events. 
he claimed this area of the basement before we moved here, 
added several businesses and children
and twenty years of accumulated crap. 
it is not neat nor is it organized. 
my interjection of flowers and parts has simply been making him  testy. 
i do not need that. 
no one does. 
so i am planning on relocating and throwing stuff out.
 my own stuff. 
do not cry for me argentina.... it is overdue. and i need to make it more livable 
everywhere in the house. 

4. the sofa is a mess. 
we bought it with a really pretty red floral pattern to go in our living room. 
its fabric has shredded. 
it is not even all that comfy anymore. 
but if it looked better , it would be more pleasant. 
i have a plan for this too. 
i may do the frame with either bleached and whitened canvas dropcloths
or some pale linen fabric, yet to be sourced. 
the cushions should be recovered with some very pretty cotton fabric. 
i inherited a partial roll of this from an old friend who was emptying her basement. 
she was moving and thought i might like the yardage. 
it is white with loads of green floral stuff on it. 
looking like barkcloth and with old fashioned elements on it,
i would say she knows me really all too well. 
so that is an ongoing plan. 

5. i am considering the manufacture of quiche for dinner tomorrow. 
i have a lot of ham left over from xmas dinner. 
and the youngest widget is kind of in love with quiche suddenly. 
after about a quarter of a century, i can love it again myself. 
i worked in a restaurant in harvard sq. for 3 years. 
we served quiche and salad every day. 
several kinds of quiche too. 
and we were not the only resto with quiche on its menu. 
its ubiquity was notorious. 
i may be able to handle it now... since time has softened its memory. 
and the fact that i ate a lot of it. 
my hips have that memory in spades. 

well i am just getting tired now, and will try to snooze on again. 
as my daughter, the other night owl said earlier tonight...
"shes working on it."
i will try to take a cue from her on this topic. 
so good night number two. 


ps. i typed this entire thing with the lights out and my glasses off... so there are errors.
 i can't find them to fix them now.
 please give me the benefit of the doubt when you have read this...
if you would be so kind. 

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