Friday, December 2, 2011

a quick note on the color white.

nothing stays white in this house. 
except the old stuff. 
someone cared enough to keep it all together in the way, long ago.
i am exceedingly grateful for this.

my husband enjoys the facsimile of doing laundry. 
he has been doing it for years. 
he thinks he is contributing mightily to some part of housekeeping.
don't feel the interest in popping that bubble.

i knew we had a rogue towel a couple of months ago. 
it was actually white. 
 it was also monogrammed with some initials that don't belong to anyone here. 
now after a couple of months,
it is just as godawful greige as everything else the mr. washes. 
i understand where he is coming from. 
he does NOT separate any colors from whites. 
it is too much trouble and somewhat persnickety to do. 
he does not use any carefully administrated bleach either. 
good thing, cause he tends to bleach my good stuff. 
he washes vintage angora beaded sweaters and chucks them into the dryer.
do not make me provide you with proof of that fiasco. 
heavens to betsy, if any of his hockey playing under armor does not dry on the line. 
and how come all of his towels smell ? 

i have tried so many times to fire his butt from this task. 
he is a tenacious critter though. 
and frankly, i prefer not to have to discuss any of it with him. 
he holds onto this task as hard as a barnacle is cemented to the underside of marine craft. 
he seems to enjoy hanging out in that spot in the basement.

of course, i would not be grousing if the clothes were actually clean once in a while. 
he never folds any of them or puts them away either. 
basically, it is a way to keep him out of my thinning, mug shot hair mass. 
it's so much easier to always wear dark clothes that will not give away that i have given up.
the signature greige is not as visible in the dark clothing i am now sporting. 
during the lighter months, i wear and wash my own clothes. 
it saves on the quackery that could develop. 

so when i need a shot of color or
 a distinctive pale hue to go with delicate tones of white, 
i go straight to my flowers, 
my paint pots, 
my raw metal pieces, 
and vintage stashes with gorgeous rich palettes. 
none of this mucky stuff that white and bleach misuse can create. 

now that i have made a mockery of laundry here, 
it is worth mentioning that i create an awful lot of clutter. 
in the piles of stuff on the ottoman that goes with the green chair that i live in, 
i had a small collection of flowers i put together months ago. 
instead of trying to refile them and put them away, 
this week, they were finally put into play as they were intended to be... 
in august. 
clutter and dawdle. 
my middle names. 
they will be on my grave marker for sure. 

here is what is in progress for the simple necklace requested. 
it was to be a take off on a bracelet i made several copies of years ago. 
they were called "victorian sensibility". 
an early model and use of creamy whiteness ... 

this is another necklace i made and called 
sensibly victorian"

and this is what i have been playing around with this week
 "victorian sensible II".

i feel the need for some more pearly bits coming still. 
i guess when i get my hands on something that remains pristine, 
it kind of needs more of a good thing.

only time will really tell if more white is gilding the flowers. 

night night all, 

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