Friday, December 30, 2011

weak kneed without chocolate

i have an itch. 
i can't scratch it until the family goes to bed. 
with my daughter as the other household night owl, 
i feel like i may never get to handle my itch. 

the itch has more than one side to it.
i want some chocolate. 
not only do i want chocolate, but i want something sweet. 
i also want something yummy to hit the spot. 
what i want is a peanut butter candy. 

now what made me settle on a peanut butter candy?
i want something a little bit like butterfingers. 
just better. 

i am watching tv while hanging on the computer. 
i really should know better. 
there is an ad on the air these days for some dishwashing soap
that features some blogger lady. 
i of course am always trying to get over my disdain for yet another talented blogger. 
always bloggers seem to be so much better at it than i am. 
sadly, it might not be tremendously hard to exceed that level.
(i am not being paid to sell the soap, so i am keeping mum on its brand.)
(that info is irrelevant anyways to this anyways. )

her blog is called 

so, she has a blog..
so, she has a dear looking little blond bob...
so, she is adorable...
so, she writes about food....
and so,  i am more than just a little jealous. 
i gave her blog a quick, derisive and fear filled look-see. 
it was just to prove i can match her interests food item for food item.

i just read the first few sentences of her blog. 

and now, i am 
totally hooked. 
hooked, lined and sinkered.
 before i made it to the bottom of the first page, 
i was double clicking around her site like a lovesick puppy.
whimpering, wetting newspaper on the floor, and running in circles kind of lovesick puppy.  

i will be making that 
butterscotch + PEANUT BUTTER+ chocolate candy that she made into bars. 
i want it badly.  
how could i possibly NOT??? 

good thing though...
i have solid unbreakable rules for working with sugar.
 that's what this recipe calls for. 
1. no sugar cooking/candy making before the kitchen is cleaned up completely
2. no working with sugar while the kids are awake or around.

distractions and hot molten sugar do not work. 

i will make it tomorrow
or later this week, once i feel really good again. 
i must say it looks so good and seductive. 

also, i am also sure i want to try to make the coffee cake recipe on her site
 that  uses chocolate nibs. 
her description of it suggests that i may swoon. 
which would be ok,
 but my knees are hurting still from my recent resumption 
of playing tennis
 and having leftover ague from the flu this week. 
it could be seriously dangerous to my way of living as a couch potato. 

i think you can tell how addictive i find everything these days. 
and i really do find so much tremendously addictive. 

maybe i should be making a top ten list of my current addictions? 
ugh. could i stop at ten? 
i can hope can't i?

well, i am growing weak kneed not having any chocolate confections in the house.
it may be a good time to do a few tasks
 before i completely fall asleep. 
i am very tired after several nights of insomnia. 
i want to try my best to grab hold of a good night's sleep sometime soon. 
at least before i grow another addiction or two. 


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  1. Oh why oh why did I look at this blog post. I got me a special dark chocolate bar to treasure later and then I will look at that recipe.