Monday, December 19, 2011

to-do is getting done

it just got cold out. 
my kids all seem to want footwear for their holiday gifts. 
one would think that they live in the outer reaches of antarctica. 
 they are now surprisingly practical and longing for toasty toes.
so i celebrate with my trusty computer
and a well worn piece of plastic with raised alpha-numeric symbols. 
lots of things will come to my house for free this week if i have my way. 

some of this is through the generosity of some of my customers. 
if i have not made how i feel extra clear, 
then let me out and out thank you for such a heartfelt and stunning year. 
so many changes happened 
only after i dipped my toes into the waters of doing shows regularly
taking on a wonderful representative to sell my things. 

i thank heavens for these changes, but have been kicking and screaming all the way. 
it is perhaps better known to those out around me, 
how little i enjoy changing. 
yet it has been essential. 
this mantra has been running through my head nearly constantly for many months:
"two kids in college. two kids in college. OM"

this year has been amazing in general. 
loads of growth. 
and of course as mentioned, 
internally kicking and screaming as i went. 

this week has allowed me to sleep in, 
to make several personally rewarding jewelry pieces
 for lovely women and the men that love them.
a lot of unexpected things came together. 
and the to-do list is getting shorter. 
now if i could only keep up with the KP duties that are in play. 
all of my family is home and under our roof. 
the 5 pounds of potatoes i peeled for dinner tonight were tucked away 
along with the whole chicken roasted to yummy perfection, 
as well as 
pounds of brussel sprouts. 
{yep, they are as odd as i am... loving the petite choux as i do.}

it is good to keep the locusts fed and happy, 
and moving down that remarkably long to-do list.
it is all quite good. 
thank you everyone!

oh and the most recent necklace in progress needs daylight to make its entrance 
in the proper fashion that it deserves. 
manana,,,,  i mean later this morning. 

now it is time  for the snorring to begin. 
and the day to end.
nighters folks

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