Friday, December 30, 2011

home again, home again...

my husband and littlest daughter came home from the hockey tourney tonight. 
they have been away from home for a few days, 
simply to watch her team win the first game 
and toss in the towel on the next three. 

she is the goalie as i may have mentioned. 
and for years leading up to this, she was the Only goaltender for all of her teams. 
she is really good at it too. 
this year, another girl joined the team as a fellow goalie. 
it allowed my child to finally take a sick day. 
or do her homework. 
or spend less time in the 'crease'. 
if there are more than one goalie, they are required to enjoy equal time playing. 
my little hardcore bete, is a good player. 
her additional teammate is not quite as adept. 
so if tess keeps the goal clear of scoring for her half, 
and is followed up with the other girl playing and letting goals in, 
they still lose the games.
it puts a crimp in the mood around here. 
anyways, they won 1  lost 3 and came home. 
safely and soundly. as i like them to be.
for me, that is the best real outcome. 

it doesn't always go that way. 
yet another story for another day. 
now all mixed together, 
the three kids sat on the sofa... all plugged in to their varied computer/tablet devices. 
it was quite a nice treat. 
the boy got to hang with his sis whom he would rather die than admit he adores. 
the older sis got to draw funny pics on her computer
{at least that is what i think she is doing most of the time}
and my husband went to bed. 
the dog ran in lines back and forth with his holiday gift of a stuffed lobster toy from Target. 

i exhaled a little and then started on my pinterest additions for the night. 
i keep running over things i made a couple of years ago. 
it is making me cuckoo. 
i would dearly love to figure out how to find some of my old pics that folks have cribbed.
it would be nice to see what works and is valuable to the world at large. 
i suppose i want to know where i've been so i can move on to a fresh future. 
here is one that i ran across and squealed when i saw it. 

it is not my photo, but is in fact a necklace i made. 
imagine that!

and again i found this little pic on pinterest... 
one of my flowery sets 
that i had sold on etsy.
geez louise. 

so i put my name into the search bar on pinterest and found a few other things... 
so curious. 


farmstand glory too... necklace

i feel a little like alice in wonderland. 
all my chickens are coming home to roost. 
and i like it a lot. 

tonight i am going to strike out for a decent rest. 
and perhaps feel like a human tomorrow. 
my fingers are crossed for luck in this matter. 
so for now, good night little chickies. 



  1. I love the little cluster necklaces. I wish I could figure out how to use Pinterest.

    If games were for fun only they wouldn't keep score. Double message for the kids. It's tough when you know you can do it but it's not your turn.

  2. It must be such an exciting feeling to see the rest of the world loving your creations in that way. For me, I enjoy your work because the bright flowers evoke happiness and warmth. Obviously, it seems to be a universal thing!!

  3. I love your jewels and Granny wears your earrings a lot. LOL