Sunday, December 11, 2011

almost done and a tad overcooked

it all seems like a dream to me now. 
three big shows in three weekends. 
wishing i had applied to participate in a very nicely done local show. 
somehow, i think my current state of narcolepsy might come into some contact with the university at large. 
so tired. 
so danged tired. 
but feeling very proud of myself. 

this year, a goal was to be able to do some shows. 
doing these moveable crafting events was a place that i never really saw myself as a part of. 
well, i have found quite a few things out as a result. 
in recent weeks, not one but two of my internet/face time crafting circles has been host to 
a good egg whose life has been upturned. 
the response has been remarkable. 
fellow artisans have come out of the woodwork, or clay pits, or sewing stations, or jewelry dens
to help out with things for the folks that were upended by unexpected circumstances.
i have to say, it is so amazing to know, 
if push comes to shove, someone might have my back. 
and i can have theirs without any crazy guilt. 
it warms the cockles of my soul. 

i have a product line that is interesting enough that i can sell it for grocery money 
and college tuition earnings. 
i still work out of the varying nooks of my home to make it all come true. 
in reality, the work is remarkably personal, 
self fulfilling, gratifying, translatable, and it allows for resonance with many others 
while being accomplished from 
the green dog hair encrusted chair in my living room. 
oh what a studio that is. 

a whole new group of friends. 
ones with plenty in common with me. 
it has been so hard all of my life when i tried so much to fit in. 
finally, i know not fitting in is exactly where i want to be. 
cause all the folks that are part of my handmade circle,
 also are in some similar part of the same equation. 
we have so much in common. 
thanks to all of you!

anytime it feels good to snuggle up with my dog for a nap is good.

now i feel a nap coming on...

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