Saturday, December 17, 2011

christmas is coming, so i have been told...

the whole holiday she-bang is in full disorderly tilt. 
i know cause i have done absolutely nothing. 
it is going on with the world outside of my life at a 'wicked' fast pace. 
of course all the hints about it have been in play since late august. 
i am confused at the very least and disoriented at the very most.
i need the prompts that create the holiday spirit. 
it doesn't help that it has been a weird year weather-wise. 
soft, light cool spates have been here, 
none of those billowing, windy, cold snaps that include snow drifts...
just nice 50 degree days that remind us all that global warming is upon us. 
not reindeer as it should be. 
like i said, 
i am confused and not ready. 

so tonight i will be at a high end, well to do, styled holiday party. 
once upon a time, i thought it was some kind of joke and everyone was invited. 
what i have found over time, is that it holds a highly selective guest list,
and for unknown reasons, the hosts like to include me on it. 
last year there was our former mayor and now junior congressman who was talking to me
about jewelry. 
go figure. 
and one of my old friends from the swim club, who is now teaching
 at harvard university's kennedy school of government .
we discuss important things like the need for our kids to get a grip someday and treat us 
at least a little better than the support staff
 for the kings, queens and other royals we have raised them to be. 
it is truly an evening where i must be on my best behavior as well as my quirkiest. 
it is what they have all come to expect. 
surely i am up to this?

all the years of desperately wanting to roll below the radar, have taken a toll.
it is just not me. 
so i need to remind myself not to cuss as much as i usually do. 
and use intelligent words. 
and try desperately not to step on any political mines.
and ask about all the guests kids and grandkids. 
and for god sake, corral my husband if i can. 

the hosts of this party have genuine chops on their resumes. 
my dear friend was at one point the chief of staff for Hilary Clinton 
when she was the First Lady. 
my friend's hubby was responsible for running President Clinton's campaign. 
both times. 
royalty quietly living in our hinky little Napoleonic state, Rhode Island. 
head slap. 
now you see why i need to keep my wits about me. 
and see if i can help my husband do the same. 

naturally, they have the most spectacular daughter too.
she is long, lean and gorgeous. 
it is a lot to take into stride. 
i plan not to be daunted beyond my normal state and try to talk to her this evening. 

one of the nicest things about my friend, is that she supports my business. 
in every way possible. 
she wore this modest necklace last winter with an off white, cream colored pant suit.
she was as stunning in it as she was any other day in a pair of jeans and a crisp white blouse. 

she can pull anything off. 
she is just THAT elegant. 
i think this may be tonight's party piece. 
{in spite of its horrid photograph}

wish me luck at the party and with my manners...
as well as being the mother to two college kids and a high schooler. 
that martini bar may be right up my addled alley tonight. 
now all i need to do is find a costume sans dog hair
and some necklace to wear myself. 
ho. ho. ho.
xoxo. w.

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